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2018 Membership Dues Notice

Brother Knights, Happy New Year! It’s time for our 2018 annual dues. For every member in our council, we have to pay per year approximately $26.50 out of the $30 annual dues to the Texas and Supreme for membership and charitable activities (Honorary Life Members excluded). For every member that is not current on their dues, we have to…


Lecture No. 51 – Christmas

By now, most of us have been “Christmased out.”  But I would like to read to you one of two articles that are almost totally unconnected except they both deal a bit with Christmas.  I will save the second one for next month. Several years ago, I subscribed to “Smithsonian” magazine.  I already had a…

Elvis and Thelma Fajardo and daughters

Family of the Month – January 2018

Elvis and Thelma Fajardo Elvis Fajardo mentioned to wife Thelma that the parish’s annual “Breakfast with St. Nicholas” would be held the following day, and she said she planned to attend along with the couple’s two daughters, 14-year-old Ana-Isabel and 10-year-old Vanessa. To which Elvis reminded her that he planned to be part of the…

Chris Edwards

Knight of the Month – January 2018

Chris Edwards Anyone who is skeptical that the Lord sometimes works in strange and mysterious ways might consider the sequence of events that happened to our Knight of the Month for January in early December. Edwards was shopping at a local WalMart a few days before Holy Spirit’s annual “Breakfast with St. Nicholas.” Chris ran…

Chris Edwards as St Nick Dec 10 2017

Breakfast with St. Nicholas – December 2017

There are so many special days during the year in which our council and Holy Spirit parish come together to provide a memorable and rewarding experience for parishioners and their relatives and guests. One such occasion is Children’s Faith Formation’s “Breakfast with St. Nicholas,” which was held on Sunday, Dec. 10. It’s a time in…

Jim Stavinoha at church-picnic-2017

Family of the Month – December 2017

Jim and Sharon Stavinoha Married for 48 years, Jim and Sharon met on a blind date that was arranged by one of his fraternity brothers at St. Mary’s University in San Antonio. Jim is one of many Knights who initially joined early in life but went inactive as a busy business and family life took…


Knight of the Month – December 2017

Arthur Rodriguez Arthur was one of our council’s many military veterans who gave back to the cause in volunteering at 8157’s annual cookout at the VA hospital on Lancaster Avenue in Dallas on the Friday before Veterans Day. He likewise was among those who reported to Holy Spirit early on a Saturday morning a few…

Dunluce Castle

Lecture No. 50 – December 2017

I grew up in what we referred to as “Upstate New York,” more properly western New York. From my earliest years, I was taught that we were “Irish, with a bit of Scotch, English and maybe some Norman French.” Somewhere on my father’s side, there was an Aunt Fitzpatrick. On my mother’s side, there were…


VA hospital cookout – November 2017

The irony was unavoidable during the closing minutes of our council’s annual cookout at the Veterans Administration hospital on Lancaster Avenue in Dallas on Friday, Nov. 10. One of the guests had finished his lunch of a hot dog, hamburger, baked beans, cookie and chips and was heading out of the conference room/dining hall when…


Family of the Month – November 2017

Jeff and Frances Miller The Millers have been Holy Spirit parishioners since early 1988, a few months after Jeff began regularly attending Mass here after taking a job at The Dallas Morning News and scouting out area municipalities. Frances and their four young children followed soon after from their previous home in Jacksonville, Florida. Frances,…