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Ron Pinkston 1993-1994

Ron Pinkston Grand Knight 1993-1994 Ron Pinkston was our Grand Knight for the 1993/1994 fraternal year. He was a Knight for seven years before he ran for the Grand Knight position; and Council #8157 benefitted from that decision. During the years prior to making the decision to run for Grand Knight, he was not idle….

Ernie Coy 1992-1993

Ernie Coy Grand Knight 1992-1993 When Ernie Coy opens his brief case the first thing you will notice is all the different name tags for all the various offices he has held over his 24 years as a Knight ofCouncil #8157. “I’ve held just about every office for this Council – I’ve been InsideGuard, Treasurer,…

Richard Doucette 1989-1992

Richard Doucette Grand Knight 1991-1992 Grand Knight 1990-1991 Grand Knight 1989-1990 Rick Doucette, our Grand Knight for the 1989-90, 1990-91 and 1991-92 fraternal years, is proof that two terms is not a time or effort limitation if a need is still there.Rick continued publishing the Knights of the Spirit newsletter until June 2007 as a…

Jim Kowalski 1988-1989

Jim Kowalski Grand Knight 1988-1989 Grand Knight 1983-1984 At the urging of his father-in-law, Jim Kowalski joined the Knights of Columbus in 1962 and a storied journey with the Knights began. Though raised in MilwaukeeWisconsin, he finished high school here in Texas at Forest Avenue (now Madison high school) and was a member of the…