There is no better way to experience love and
compassion than by helping those in need,
a call Knights answer every day.


Knights banded together can accomplish more
than any of us could accomplish individually
in support of our Church and priests.


Knights socialize together and take care of each other –
we have each others’ back.


Members of the Knights of Columbus are proud
of our devotion to God and country,
and believe in standing up for both.

Erasmo Zapata

Categories: New Members

erasmo-zapata-2012 ERASMO ZAPATA—Business brought him from Minnesota to Texas 14 years ago. But forget trading in a parka for flip flops; he found the bigger transition to be going from small-town Barnesville to big-city Dallas. “I’d always lived in the country,” he said. “but the city has more advantages, more opportunities. I’m used to it now.” Erasmo is self-employed, running a company that pro-vides sprinklers, irrigation and drainage. He attended a couple of colleges in Minnesota put left before finishing to come south. He’s now studying at Northwood and planning to follow that with law school. Erasmo has lived in Duncanville for three years. He and wife Mary met at gym about nine years ago. Son Erasmo Jr. is 14 years old, and they have a daughter on the way.