There is no better way to experience love and
compassion than by helping those in need,
a call Knights answer every day.


Knights banded together can accomplish more
than any of us could accomplish individually
in support of our Church and priests.


Knights socialize together and take care of each other –
we have each others’ back.



Members of the Knights of Columbus are proud
of our devotion to God and country,
and believe in standing up for both.

Knight of the Month – October 2018

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Keith Archer

Keith Archer

Definition of a Knights of Columbus fast track: Keith joined our council in May, took his major degrees shortly thereafter, became an 8157 director in July (membership) and joined the Fourth Degree in September. He’s also active in other parish and diocesan endeavors. “I try to give back as much as I can,” says a man who sees God and Jesus Christ as being instrumental in him being a four-time cancer survivor. Keith is a project manager for Weldon Tools and is originally from Oklahoma City. He and wife Mary have been married 29 years, their wedding taking place soon after they met during a singles activity at Holy Spirit (playing volleyball). They displayed teamwork multiple times this summer helping at our Valley Ridge baseball concession stand, including during the World Series. Mary works for AT&T in downtown Dallas.