Council Activities

Andy Goza

Council Activities Director

Many of the activities of the Knights of Columbus sound demanding and certainly many are; but that does not mean that others can't be just for fun. Members of our council are friends, neighbors and acquaintances who are just as interested in athletic, cultural, and social activities as you are. Each year the Council Activity Director schedules, sets up and handles all the logistics for the annual gala Appreciation Dinner held each year in January.  In addition the Council Activity Directors sponsor the Awards ceremony each year in August to recognize all those who have served the Council with distinction the past year. Andy served as Grand Knight from 2010-2012. He was voted Knight of the Year 2012-2013. and has earned statewide recognition as the top recruiter in Texas in 2013. He serves as a member of our Degree Team and is a member of the Member Retention committee. Andy joined the Knights in 2008 and he and his wife, Susan and daughter Madison, live in Cedar Hill.


Recent Articles


Membership Dues

Brother Knights, The new year is quickly approaching so it’s time to pay our 2016 annual dues. For every member in our council, we have to pay per year approximately $24 out of the $30 annual dues to the TX State KofCand the KofC Supreme Council for for membership and charitable activities (Honorary Life Members excluded). For every member that is not…

Knights were again integral to success of parish fall festival

he “Strong Right Arm of the Church” again had its considerable hand prints all over this year’s Holy Spirit fall festival, which took place during its traditional final weekend of September. There was plenty of fun, fellowship and food, with more than $65,000 raised for the parish. That revenue is planned to go toward purchase…

Jim Richardson named Knight of the Year

  Jim Richardson named Knight of the Year 2014-2015 At the Installation of Officers Ceremony this past Saturday July 11th, 2015, it was announced that the new Knight of the Year Award goes to Sir Knight Jim Richardson. Our sincere congratulations to our worthy Deputy Grand Knight on this well deserved recognition from his peers of Council 8157….

Major-Degree Ceremony – February 2015

ourteen of our council members went through the major-degree ceremony hosted in our own community center on Saturday, Feb. 7. Shawn Adams, Leslie Beene, Roy Cormier, Alan Garcia, Miguel Hernandez, Ben Luna, Jesse Radillo, Mario Ramos, Craig Reves, Daniel Rosales, Alex Sabo, Noe Saenz, Robert Tovar and Cris Valdez became members in the third degree….

Volunteer For Special Olympics

This is why we “DO WHAT WE DO”. Charity, the 1st. principle of our order is not of alms giving alone. It is the giving of time, effort and committment along with care of the less fortunate. Where better can this be done, than as a Special Olympics volunteer. Pictured is an excited David Arriga,…

Fall Festival 2014

sk anyone if they can remember the last time we had two gorgeous sunny days in a row during Holy Spirit’s Fall Festival and you’d have enough time to run and get a Funnel Cake before they could think of an answer. The fact is that it has rained for most of the day on…

Looking for a few good men

he Knights are looking for a few good men. The truth is we are always looking for a few good men but this time we are looking for a few brother Knights we have lost contact with. If you know any of the following men please ask them to contact the Council via email or…

Corporate Communion & Potluck Dinner

n Saturday July 19 we held the council’s second quarter Corporate Communion Mass and our first and quite successful Potluck Dinner of the year. We had a turnout of over 50 guests who came out to enjoy Mike Fitzgerald’s Famous Beef Brisket and brought with them a smorgasbord of side dishes that ranged from pasta,…