There is no better way to experience love and
compassion than by helping those in need,
a call Knights answer every day.


Knights banded together can accomplish more
than any of us could accomplish individually
in support of our Church and priests.


Knights socialize together and take care of each other –
we have each others’ back.


Members of the Knights of Columbus are proud
of our devotion to God and country,
and believe in standing up for both.

Family of the Month Archives

Each month a family is selected to receive the Family of the Month award because of the contribution the family made to the welfare of the Council or the Parish community in general. Consideration is given to all family members when selecting the Family of the Month. Good works come in many forms and all will be considered when making this selection. Nominations for Family of the Month are accepted, discussed and voted upon during the regular Officers and Directors meeting held the 3rd Tuesday of each month. Any Knight can attend this meeting and nominate a Knight and his family for this award. All Knights in good standing are eligible to receive this award. The Family Activity Director administers this award from nomination through awarding of the certificate.


Family of the Month – November 2013

Mark and Cindy Meyer Mark described the experience of he and wife Cindy co-chairing the parish’s annual Fall Festival in September as “extremely scary at first but extremely rewarding at the end.” A faith journey, indeed, that concluded with another tremendously successful event after months of planning by the Meyers and the dozens of parishioners…


Family of the Month – October 2013

Peter and Bimbo Perta Peter and Bimbo met when he was a season-ticket holder at Syracuse University and she helped out in the school’s concession stand. How fitting that they have worked together at the council’s Cedar Hill baseball concession stand. Peter joined the Knights in June 2011 and took his major degree later that year….

Family of the Month – September 2013

Frances and Jeff Miller Frances and Jeff joined Holy Spirit Parish soon after they moved with their four young children to DeSoto from Jacksonville, Fla., late in 1987, when Jeff was hired by The Dallas Morning News. They met in the mid-1970s while attending Auburn University in Alabama and were married in 1978. Frances earned…

Family of the Month – August 2013

Bill and Cindy Dover The Dovers appear nearly inseparable, whether serving as ushers at 5:30 Mass on Saturdays, working together in his optometry office in Duncanville or – as was the case in late June – teaming together in the Valley Ridge baseball concession stand. They met in August 1971 while stationed together at Fort…

Family of the Month – July 2013

James and Judy Smith How many Holy Spirit couples have met on the high seas? Such was the case with James and Judy Smith, the council’s Family of the Month for July. OK, the high seas here was the Gulf of Mexico. James was working on a fishing boat (The “Scat Cat”) based out of…

Family of the Month – June 2013

Deacon Charlie Ruelas and Katherine Deacon Charlie was ordained in February and soon discovered that even six years of comprehensive training still left some aspects of his responsibilities to be learned on the job. “It wasn’t until after I was ordained that I sat down and thought about the responsibility that I have, not just…

Family of the Month – May 2013

Tom Greco and Helen Beggane “Spirituality brought us together,” Tom Greco said of he and wife Helen Beggane, who recently celebrated their 38th anniversary with a quiet dinner and remembrances of how much they love each other. God apparently had a plan for Tom and Helen. They each started out in Baltimore but didn’t know…

Family of the Month – April 2013

Billy and Davida Callender Married 30 years, the Callenders met as Dallas teens at Don Carter’s All-Star Lanes on Walnut Hill. (Billy, as you might imagine, was hitting the pins so hard that they sailed in all directions.) They have shared their experiences as the hosts of the parish’s Marriage Enrichment program on the last…

Family of the Month – March 2013

Andy, Susan and Madison Goza If you have enjoyed any of the freshly baked cookies available during the Lenten fish fry dinners, you can thank our Family of the Month for March – Andy, Susan and Madison Goza. That’s just part their contribution to Knights activities recently. You might not notice that many of the…

Family of the Month – February 2013

Dan and Pat Murphy Dan and Pat are one of a handful of couples belonging to the Knights of Columbus council and the Catholic Daughters of the Americas court that are affiliated with Holy Spirit. Dan was the council’s Grand Knight during the fraternal years of 2002-03 and 2003-04. Pat participates in the Tuesday night…


Family of the Month – January 2013

Mike and Susan Fitzgerald You might be excited to know Mike and Susan are already planning the big Saturday dinner to be served during the next Fall Festival. They’ll be going with brisket and have already conducted a taste test of rubs, back in December.  They’ve become the first family of  Festival cooking, having previously…

Family of the Month – December 2012

Al and Sally Alonzo Al and Sally Alonzo capped off another busy year in which they were selected as the council’s Family of the Month for December. At least those are the names that we have come to know them by. They were born as Bayani and Salvacion in their native Philippines, which is almost…

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