There is no better way to experience love and
compassion than by helping those in need,
a call Knights answer every day.


Knights banded together can accomplish more
than any of us could accomplish individually
in support of our Church and priests.


Knights socialize together and take care of each other –
we have each others’ back.


Members of the Knights of Columbus are proud
of our devotion to God and country,
and believe in standing up for both.

Knight of the Month Archives

Each month a Knight of this Council is selected the Knight of the Month because of his contribution to the success of the Council and/or by his actions demonstrated his commitment to the principles of Charity, Unity, and  Fraternity.   He could be awarded Knight of the Month for his efforts on a specific event or an accumulation of actions that warrant his selection. Nominations are accepted, discussed and voted upon during the regular Officers and Directors meeting held monthly on the 3rd Tuesday of each month.  The Family Activity Director administers the Knight of the Month process from nomination to awarding the recipient his certificate.   All Knights in good standing are eligible for this award.


Knight of the Month – December 2012

Jim Richardson Jim was one of the thousands of people who came to our area in 1990 when the Super-Collider project was getting started in Waxahachie. For Jim and wife Denise, it was something of a homecoming for two South Texas natives. And when the project was scrubbed a few years later, those Texas roots…

Knight of the Month – November 2012

Chris Edwards For Chris Edwards, the council’s Knight of the Month for November, membership as a rank-and-file Knight these days is a relatively new experience. He joined the council soon after going through RCIA classes at Holy Spirit in 2004 and was a member of 8157 for only a little more than a year before…

Knight of the Month – October 2012

Doug Skierski Doug Skierski, the council’s Knight of the Month for October, is engaged to George Steinbrenner’s daughter from New York. No, not that Steinbrenner. But Terri Steinbrenner’s father is named George. And she has recently shifted her base of operations as an executive director in charge of bankruptcy deposit investment services for JPMorgan Chase from…

Knight of the Month – September 2012

Jim Kowalski If you’re looking to judge the commitment to our order of Jim Kowalski, September’s Knight of the Month, simply check the man’s odometer. He’s usually on the road three or four nights a week fulfilling his duties as assistant diocesan deputy for membership. From Bonham south to Corsicana, Greenville west to Grand Prairie….

Knight of the Month – August 2012

Tom Greco, Knight of the Month for August, has been the primary force behind the establishment of the council’s new Degree Team. Tom has been driven to accomplish this since taking his first degree in November 2007. “I found the words so meaningful and inspiring,” he said. “I told myself, ‘Some day, I want to…

Knight of the Month – July 2012

Allen Reitmeier was named the council’s Knight of the Month for July, following his fifth ultra-successful season of supervising operations of 8157’s concession stands during the Cedar Hill Baseball Association’s spring play. He estimated Knights put in 300-350 man-hours at the stands. Allen does the scheduling and stocking of the stands, duties that he was…

Knight of the Month – June 2012

John Espree, June’s Knight of the Month, grew up in central Louisiana’s Evangeline Parish and moved to Texas at the age of 18. That’s why his e-mail address includes “cajun56texan75.” John and wife Bonnie started attending Holy Spirit in the early 2000s. John’s hometown is Mamou, hailed as the “Cajun Music Capital of the World.”…

Knight of the Month – May 2012

The camaraderie that Bennie Sikorski, Knight of the Month for May, experiences volunteering for the council reminds him of the bonds that he shared through 23 years of Army life. “You’re quite close to your fellow military,” he noted. His KC activities include a weekly “shift” with the frying unit during fish fry Fridays. Bennie…

Knight of the Month – April 2012

Rod Kinard is the Knight of the Month for April. Rod is a native of Abilene, Texas but was off to Lubbock only months after his birth; his father graduated from Hardin Simmons University and got his first teaching/coaching job there. The family’s next stops were in Oklahoma, first to Moore (just south of Oklahoma…

Knight of the Month – March 2012

Our Knight of the Month for March is Larry Dumais. He’s a handy guy – runs multiple businesses related to construction and home re-pairs. But recently he has also has become much more handy in the kitchen. Wife Cathleen went back to school on top of her job in the Cedar Hill ISD, where she…

Knight of the Month – February 2012

Work ethic has never been an issue with Frank Salazar, our Deputy Grand Knight and the council’s Knight of the Month for February. Frank owned an auto parts export company in Waxahachie for almost 20 years. The business drastically changed following 9/11, and the political climate in one country that was one of his major…

Knight of the Month – January 2012

Al Alonzo has been a member of our council for less than a year. But anyone who has participated in only a handful of 8157 activities since last summer knows he’s willing and able to pitch in just about any time – and he’s probably going to bring along his trusty camera. His interest in…

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