There is no better way to experience love and
compassion than by helping those in need,
a call Knights answer every day.


Knights banded together can accomplish more
than any of us could accomplish individually
in support of our Church and priests.


Knights socialize together and take care of each other –
we have each others’ back.



Members of the Knights of Columbus are proud
of our devotion to God and country,
and believe in standing up for both.

2019 Festival Operations Agenda

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2019 Festival Operations Agenda

Thursday September 26 from 5pm-9pm 

  • Set up dining room for silent auction (6-8 people)
  • Set up gym for bingo and vendors (4 people)
  • Set up foyer for health fair (2 people)
  • Take out items / stage for Friday morning setup (8 people)
  • Block off parking (1 person)

Friday September 27 from 7am – 7pm

  • Set up stage (4 people)
  • Set up tents/booths (as many as possible minimum 16 people)
  • Set up lights / run extension cords / generators (4 people)

Saturday September 28 from 8am – 5pm

  • Tasks throughout the day including but not limited to putting drinks on ice / carrying ice / moving tables / chairs etc. (6 people)
  • Put up rented tables & chairs no longer in use as well as other items (6 people)
  • Knights are cooking turkey legs, hamburgers, hot dogs and sausage-on-a-stick

Sunday September 29 from 7am – ??

  • Take down & put up everything (16-20 people)

Jorge Barragan
Festival Operations Chairperson
(469) 231-1958