There is no better way to experience love and
compassion than by helping those in need,
a call Knights answer every day.


Knights banded together can accomplish more
than any of us could accomplish individually
in support of our Church and priests.


Knights socialize together and take care of each other –
we have each others’ back.



Members of the Knights of Columbus are proud
of our devotion to God and country,
and believe in standing up for both.

Meeting Minutes 2019-5-7

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May 7, 2019

The meeting called to order at: 7:30 PM by Grand Knight Tom Greco.

The Grand Knight opened the meeting with an “Our Father” and the Pledge of Allegiance. 

Roll Call of Officers: P = present, EX= excused, A = absent

  • Grand Knight: Tom Greco: P
  • Dep Grand Knight: Jeff Miller: EX
  • Chancellor: Jorge Ruiz: P
  • Financial Secretary: Peter Perta: EX
  • Treasurer: James Smith: P
  • Recorder: Jim Russell: P
  • Advocate: Russell Gully: P
  • Chaplain: Fr. Lee: EX
  • Warden: Doug Maddox: P
  • Inside Guard: Tony Gonzalez: A
  • Outside Guard: Jeff Traub: A
  • Trustee (1) Jim Richardson: P
  • Trustee (2) Mike Fitzgerald: P
  • Trustee (3) Dan Murphy: P

  • The Opening Ode led by: Grand Knight.
  • Minutes of previous meeting: Approved as published.
  • Introduction of new members:  None.

Grand Knight’s Report: (Tom Greco)

  • We have received three thank you cards which were passed around for the membership to review.

Treasurer’s Report: (James Smith)

  • Accepted as read.

Financial Secretary’s Report: (Tom Greco for Peter Perta)

  • Membership continues at 243. 
  • Sixty-seven percent of dues have been collected. 
  • All required reports to Supreme have been submitted.

Trustees Report:

  • No report.

Committee Reports:

Community Activities: (Dan Murphy)

  • The luncheon at St. Joseph’s last Sunday was a success with about 15 Knights serving and more than the usual number of guests served. 
  • Will consider doing future St. Joseph’s luncheons on Sunday. 
  • Will need a few Knights on May 23 to help with the EMT meal at Charlton.  We furnish the equipment and the EMT’s cook.

Knight Hands: (Jorge Ruiz for Allen Reitmeier)

  • As of today, 319 Knight Hands projects have been completed  since inception of the program. 
  • The third movable bookcase has been completed and delivered.   
  • A hole in a fireplace wall was repaired. 
  • We were asked to trim trees for the Goza family but determined it was beyond our capabilities. 
  • A repair project was accomplished for the Duncanville PIP program,   and a water leak was repaired for a parishioner.  
  • Funds were approved for a repair project in Cedar Hill.

Youth Activities Report: (Jorge Ruiz for Mike Moloughney)

  • The youth group is preparing for their mission trip to Tennessee

Pro Life Committee Report: (Mike Moloughney)

  • The Pro-Life Dinner was a success.

Council Activities: (TBD)

  • No report.

First Degree Team: (Tom Greco)

  • No candidates for initiation at this time. 
  • We have a transfer request for Kenneth O. Mbagum (SP), 3rd degree member, from Council 6269 in Arlington. 
    • Transfer approved. 
    • GK to advise Brother Kenneth and confirm spelling.

Membership Committee Report: (Keith Archer)

  • No report.

Retention Committee Report: (Wendell JeanPierre)

  • No report.

Awareness: (Jorge Ruiz)

  • Motion to donate to the Junior Catholic Daughters of America Court’s trip to their state convention. Motion passed.
  • The Court is collecting used suitcases and duffle bags to support foster children.  Donations may be made after masses.

Safe Environment: (Jorge Ruiz)

  • Wendell JeanPierre has been Safe Environment Cleared by Holy Spirit. 

Church Activities: (Mike Denoy)

  • Absent- No report.

Concessions Committee: (James Smith)

  • There are several make up games scheduled; we need more help at the concession stands.

Health Committee Report: (Lou Lemons)

  • Lou presented a summary of the symptoms of fainting, stroke, and heart attack.  Full report will be available online. Stroke awareness and prevention.
  • The fall blood drive will be August 18.

Family Activities: (GK Tom Greco for Jeff Miller)

  • Mass cards have been sent as appropriate. 
  • Knight of the Month: Jeff Miller
  • Family of the Month: Dan and Betsey Schneider.

Old Business:

  1. NONE

New Business:

  • Nominating Committee submitted the following nominations for the Council year 2019-2020:
  • Grand Knight:  Tom Greco
  • Deputy Grand Knight:  Jorge Ruiz
  • Chancellor:  Allen Reitmeier
  • Advocate:  Russell Gully
  • Treasurer:  James Smith
  • Recorder:  Mike Fitzgerald
  • Warden:  Doug Maddox
  • Inside Guard:  John Espree
  • Outside Guard: Jeff Traub
  • Trustee 1st Year:  Chris Edwards
  • Trustee 2nd Year:  Jim Richardson
  • Trustee 3rd Year:  Chris Kubin
  • The budget Committee submitted the 2019-2020 budget for review.  Various aspects of the spending plan were discussed. 
    • A motion was made and seconded to approve the first reading of the budget. 
    • The budget passed the first reading.  The second vote will be held at the next general membership meeting.
  • Brother Chris Kubin announced that the church Fall Festival will need the help of the Knights to set up and tear down. 
    • The rummage sale will be the first and third weekends in August. 
    • Set up for the sale will be July 6th.

Field Agent Report: (Jon Fincher)

  • No report.

District Deputy Report: (TBD)

  • No Report.

Report of the 4th Degree: (Jim Russell)

  • No report.

The Grand Knight called for the Good of the Order:  Several prayer requests were made.

Meeting Adjourned at: 9:00 PM

Jim Russell,
Recording Secretary