Grand Knights of Council 8157

The Grand Knights of Council 8157

The grand knight is the highest ranking elected officer of his council and is responsible for observing the laws of the Order and his council. The office of grand knight is one that is rich in opportunities to serve his fellow Knights and to lead his council in service to family, Church and community. Additionally, the grand knight must ensure the membership, insurance and programming growth of his council and the involvement of all its members.

1. Joe Delatte 1982-1983
2. Jim Kowalski 1983-1984
3. John Sinks 1984-1986
4. Steven Mitchell 1986-1988
5. Jim Kowalski 1988-1989
6. Richard Doucette 1989-1992
7. Ernie Coy 1992-1993
8. Ron Pinkston 1993-1994
9. Russell Gully 1994-1996
10. Richard Bates 1996-1997
11. Bill Chalko 1997-1999

12. Ron Suriano 1999-2001
13. Marce Tebbe 2001-2002
14. Dan Murphy 2002-2004
15. Ed O’Brien 2004-2006
16. Chris Kubin 2006-2008
17. Chris Edwards 2008-2010
18. Andy Goza 2010-2012
19. Frank Salazar 2012-2014
20. Nick Kleinhaus 2014-2016
21. Jim Richardson 2016-2018
22. Tom Greco 2018-2020

23. Jorge Ruiz 2020-2022
24. Jim Russell 2022-2023

25 Mike Fitzgerald 2023 –

The grand knight is primarily responsible for the successful conduct of his council. He will not be able to perform all its business details, but he must see that they are done properly and on time. This is done through constant supervision of the work of all officers, directors and committees. During their term of office, the grand knight and officers should set as their goal — “a better council.’’ Obviously this task is far too much for one man alone. It must be achieved by teamwork

  • through generous and eager cooperation with the council’s official “family,’’ and
  • by voluntary participation of all members in the affairs of the council.

It is the grand knight’s obligation to inspire mutual cooperation and voluntary service among the officers and members. In addition, the grand knight is directly responsible for cooperation with other Columbian groups and leaders, which include: Columbian Squires, Fourth Degree assemblies, chapters, district deputy, other councils, state deputy and state council — its officers and representatives.