The Officers of Council 8157

Our council officers are elected to serve for one year terms. Our current officers for fraternal year beginning July 1st, 2023 through June 30th, 2024 are listed below.

Charles is the Chaplain of Council #8157 whose duties are to conduct all religious exercises for the Council – opening and closing prayers at meeting e.g.  The Council looks to the Chaplin for spiritual example and guidance.  Charles was ordained in February 2013, four month after taking his First degree and a year before taking his major degrees.  Charles met his wife, Catherine, at Sunset High in Oak Cliff and have been married 36 years.  The couple has three grown children and six grandchildren

The Grand Knight presides over all meetings and is tasked with enforcing the rules and regulations of the Council and the laws of the order, and is chairman of the Board of Trustees.  He appoints all directors and committee members.  He acts as chaplain in the absence of the regular chaplain.   He is responsible for the overall success of this council’s activities.  Mike has been a stellar performer  for the past many years including Knight of the year for 2010-2011.  Mike held the office of Treasurer for many years; he is active in most every Knight activities.  Mike is dependable, courteous, respectful of other feelings and completely and utterly honest.

The Deputy Grand Knight presides in the absence or inability of the Grand Knight and executes all the duties of the Grand Knight.  He shall perform such other duties as the Order may impose.  Marc joined the Knights in October of 2021 and has been active ever since.  Even before joining the Knights he and his wife, Gilda, were active in ACTS and RCIA.  They have often cooked meals for those in need as well as delivering handmade gifts to those who needed a “lift”.  He likes to cook; probably a hangover from his Boys Scout days.


The Chancellor assists the Grand Knight and Deputy Grand in the performance of their duties and will take charge of the Council during the the incapacity or extended absence of both.  He is charged with the total participation of the membership in the activities of the Council.  He shall exercise a special interest in new members and those members who are sick ore in distress.  He is also in charge of member retention.  In fact, Paul heads up the retention committee for our Council.  Paul transferred from St. Jude parish in Mansfield in 2018 but joined the Knights in 2011 while living in Maryland during his 30 stint in the marine Corp.  Paul and his wife, Colleen, live in Cedar Hill and have two children – Ryan and Maura.

Peter Perta holds this office and is responsible to collect and receive all moneys due the council, and all funds received from any source.  He keeps an account of the indebtedness of each member and certificate holder and the amount received from each.  He keeps a roll of the members and certificate holders, their age, residences, and occupation, with dates of initiation.  He notifies the Supreme Secretary of the names of all Officers.  He is responsible for numerous reports – some monthly, others quarterly and still others yearly.  he reports all these statistics at the monthly business meeting.  Pater and his wife, “Bimbo”, live in Cedar Hill – with a number of well trained cats.

Robert is the Council’s current Recorder and is tasked with the job of keeping a true record of the doings of this Council by publishing the minutes of each meeting on the Council’s web site.  He will also conduct all correspondence of the Council and perform such duties as the Council may direct.  Dr. Nieto specialty is in the field of neurology. He his also a Board certificate sleep specialist.  Dr. Nieto Main office is in Mansfield.  He lives, however, in Cedar Hill with his wife Gloria.  They have reared three children – Maria, Marisa, and Monica,  They are both very professional- him being a doctor he she being an accountant and a photographer. Dr Nieto attended Yale University, UT Houston Medical School, Hermann Hospital, MD Anderson and then did his residency in UT Southwestern here in Dallas.

James Smith is our current Treasurer whose job responsibilities include being the custodian of all the funds of the Council.  He shall pay to the Supreme Council all moneys assessed by it or the Board of Directors.  He shall pay all orders drawn on him which are signed by the Financial Secretary and countersigned by the Grand Knight.   He shall keep separate accounts for all moneys placed in his hand by his Council or the officers thereof and shall plainly show at all timers the amount of money in the general expense fund of the Council and the amount of moneys in each and every special fund.  James wears other hats as well as Treasurer – particularly as Director of Concessions.   James and his wife wife, Judy, live in Duncanville

The Advocate is the Attorney for the Council.  The Advocate will be the counsel in case of trail and investigation of any matter whatsoever pertaining to the Council.  Russell has been a pasat Grand Knight for this Council and has been a member of thi Council for 36 years.   Russell has held many offices during his tenure with this Council including State Advocate.  He also his involved with the admissions committee.  Russell and his wife, Patricia, live in DeSoto.  Russell is probable the biggest Texas Longhorn fan in the Council – he’s an alumnus.  Russell was a partner in the law firm of Thompson and Knight and has been there for about 30 years – he is now retired.

Adan Luna is our current Warden and his duties include being at every meeting.  He shall be in charge of all Council property, except moneys and accounts and record books, and keep same in proper condition for the meeting of the Council.  He shall instruct his guards on all their duties.  Recently he has been tasked with procuring and serving a light meal before each Council meeting.  Adan Joined the Council in June of 2021 and has already been named Knight of the Month for October 2022 and he has already ascended to the rank of Warden.  Adan and his wife , Norma, have been members of Holy Spirit Church for 5 years.  They live in Cedar Hill with some of their 5 children ranging in age from 9 to 28.  Adan is also sponsor to many new Knights and brings them along by being a mentor to many of these new Knights.

Gamaliel Hernandez – Outside Guard

There are two guards for Council #8157 whose primary duties are to attend the entrance doors to the Council chamber.  Only current paid members are allowed to enter chamber during meetings.  They may be called upon to maintain order in the Council chamber if called upon by the Grand Knight.,  Gamaliel recently received his admission into the 4th degree of the Knights.  He, along with his wife Myra and their children live in Dallas near the Duncanville line.  Gamaliel has many skill – he a truck driver, a licensed AVAC technician, and he is licensed to sell life insurance.  He is also a regular Hospitality Minister at the Sunday Spanish Mass.

Russell LeRoy

Russell LeRoy – Inside Guard

One of the duties of both the inside and outside guard is to attend every meeting to assure only current paid members are allowed in chamber during meetings.  Russell also was also recently admitted into the 4th degree of the order.  Russell hales from New York; but moved to Stephenville at a very early age.  He and his wife , Therese, met while attending St. Luke’s Catholic School in Irving and have live in Duncanville for 25 years


David Dybala

Trustee – David Dybala

The Board of Trustees consists of the Grand Knight and three members elected by the Council.  They shall have supervision over all the financial business of the Council.  They shall audit the accounts of the Financial Secretary and Treasurer at least every 6 months.  They shall see that the Financial Secretary and Treasurer give proper bonds running to the Knights of Columbus in trust for their Council.  Each member of of the Board of Trustees shall hold office for three years with an election of one new trustee each year.  David Dybala has filled many roles in the Council including Family Director and Director of Knight Hands.  He is also a past Grand Knight.  David lives with his wife, Clara, in Duncanville.

Jim Russell

Trustee – Jim Russell

Jim Russell is a past Grand Knight and is also the Council’s current Lecturer. He has also been a member of the Retention Committee and the Awareness committee. Jim and his wife, Mary, live in Cedar Hill. Jim Russell is a past Grand Knight and is also the Council’s current Lecturer. He has also been a member of the Retention Committee and the Awareness committee. Jim and his wife, Mary, live in Cedar Hill.

dan schneider 2018

Trustee – Dan Schneider

Dan Schneider is a 4th degree Knight, a past Grand Knight in Council #11091 in Algonquin, Illinois and Knight of the Year there for the 1997-1998 fraternal year.  He has also served as Faithful Navigator at Assembly #2381 in nearby Elgin, Illinois in 2002-2003