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God’s Love And The Roots of Modern Problems

God’s Love And The Roots of Modern Problems World War II ended over seventy five years ago. But more wars and disasters have followed and are now seem to be multiplying and escalating. We experienced the Korean War, the divisive Vietnam War, and are presently in the mist of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars with no […]


Prayer Requests – June 2020 (4)

June 23, 2020 16:53:00 Pray for Mike Fitzgerald Please keep our brother knight Mike Fitzgerald in your thoughts and prayers, Mike was rushed Tuesday morning, June 23rd, to Methodist Charlton Medical Center (MCMC) in Dallas with a suspected mild stroke. He is feeling better this afternoon as he awaits another MRI in the company of [...]

Our Diocesan Deputy Retires

Our Diocesan Deputy Retires Despite the invasive deadly virus that has plagued our country, and indeed the whole world, the Knights of Columbus Dallas Diocese Chapter in Texas continues to prepare for the day when we are allowed to go back to “normal” life and to resume the work of our order. So as time […]


Showing Support for Duncanville Police

Showing Support for Duncanville Police This week the knights of Council 8157 demonstrated our support for the men and women who work at the Duncanville Police Department with a small token of appreciation, we served them lunch and dinner over two consecutive days. After making our offer known to Officer Doug Sisk, a Crime Prevention […]