Family of the Month – January 2018

Elvis and Thelma Fajardo and daughters

Elvis and Thelma Fajardo and daughters

Elvis and Thelma Fajardo

Elvis Fajardo mentioned to wife Thelma that the parish’s annual “Breakfast with St. Nicholas” would be held the following day, and she said she planned to attend along with the couple’s two daughters, 14-year-old Ana-Isabel and 10-year-old Vanessa. To which Elvis reminded her that he planned to be part of the KC workforce during the breakfast. The Fajardo women did more than attend; they joined the council contingent and were valuable members of the serving line while Elvis spent the morning keeping a close watch on the bacon among other culinary duties. “Our daughters said they actually had fun,” Elvis said. And Thelma, too. Elvis, likewise, “had a blast” and discovered how stressful it can be to make sure there isn’t too little bacon, too much bacon and whether is too crispy or not crispy enough. (He was so focused on being the “baconator” that he forgot to attend Mass that morning.) Elvis joined the council in September, responding to an invitation from Jim Kowalski, and immediately became a regular attendee of our monthly general membership meetings and a participant at multiple 8157 activities, like the seminarian cookout only a few weeks after his induction. The Fajardos will celebrate their 17th anniversary in April. The family came to north Texas from New Orleans in 2003.