Family of the Month April 2024


Miguel Hernandez

Miguel and his wife, Darlene, have been married since November 16th, 2013.  They have two boys, David (13yrs old) and Benjamin (12 yrs old).  Miguel himself is 44 years old and hails from Los Angeles, CA where he is the son of Miguel and Maria Navares Moore.  His parents divorced when he was young.  His mother resides in California and his father in Guadalajara, Mexico.  Miguel’s brother, Jose,  was tragically murdered in October of 2005 in Los Angeles.  He also has a half-brother named Jonathan who resides in Utah.  Born Catholic, Miguel grew up in California and had the help of his Uncle Gustavo Hernandez, taking him to church, teaching him work ethic, and religion which meant praying and instilling values.  Miguel is now a Juvenile probation officer for Dallas county and has been since 2007.  He used to work with special education children before that.  Miguel claims St. Michael is his favorite saint as he has been with Holy Spirit Catholic Church since 2014.  He was recruited by Jorge Ruiz.  He also schedules Knights to work at the little league baseball concession stand at Valley Ridge Park after he took over for Allen Reitmeier.