Family of the Month – August 2021


Kathy and Deacon Charlie Ruelas

The diocese’s ceasing of weekly Mass dispensation in mid-August moves us to another chapter of Catholic life during the pandemic. The Ruelas family has experienced it in a way different from most of us. Deacon Charlie said ministering to the Holy Spirit community under the various protocols has “definitely been a challenge … as a deacon, I’ve been able to see a wide range of emotions.” He said many Catholics in the United States have gained a new appreciation for what we have here. “I’ve been to Honduras, where you have two 70-year-old Jesuit priests trying to take care of 30,000 people spread out over villages in the jungle. You get to see a priest maybe once a year.” His appreciation of his parish grows. He was ordained in February 2013, four months after taking his First Degree and a year before taking his Major Degrees. Charlie and Kathy met when Kathy and Charlie’s younger sister, Sonja, were friends at Sunset High in Oak Cliff. They crossed paths again years later when Charlie’s work took him to Kathy’s office. In June, they celebrated their 33rd anniversary. They have three grown children and six grandchildren. Take a moment the next time you see Deacon Charlie and/or Kathy at Mass and thank them for their contribution to our parish.