Family of the Month – Feb. 2024


Mario and Gloria Ramos

Mario Ramos has been a Knight for about five years now; you may know him because of the work he does with the ACTS team.  He and his wife Gloria have been married for 25 years this July.  They also cooperate and teach 4th grade Sunday School as well.  They have three children of their own, all three are boys, Abel (34yrs), Corban (25yrs), and Mathew (23yrs).  Abel lives in Oklahoma studying in order to be an architect. Mario and Gloria grew up in Big Spring, TX as they went to high school together.  They were married at St. Thomas Catholic Church in Big Spring as well.  They moved to the Duncanville area 20 years ago.  Mario is a fabricator for Atlas warehouse and says he enjoys the hours.   Meanwhile, his wife is a non-certified NCT X Ray technician.  They have both participated in ACTS and Mario is Men’s Retreat Support and Gloria has been on retreat once and has served on team once.  As far as goals, Mario says that he has completed his purpose thus far as a Catholic as he has remained in the church, raised his kids, and has survived all of the major changes in society.  Mario’s parents have been deceased and his wife Gloria’s mother has survived while her father has been deceased as well.