Family of the Month – June 2015


Jim and Mary Russell

Jim Russell, LecturerHere are two examples of council dedication connected with a horrific event that involved our Family of the Month for June, Jim and Mary Russell. When the Russells’ Cedar Hill home of almost 40 years caught fire in mid-May, Jim got a call just 45 minutes after the fire department arrived that Monday afternoon. “It was Allen Reitmeier,” Jim . “He said, ‘What can I do?’ ” And the day after the fire displaced Jim, Mary and Jim’s mother, he nonetheless dutifully attended the monthly officers and directors meeting – and listed positives that came out of the blaze. “I don’t have to look at that popcorn ceiling anymore,” he said. “And Mary was wanting to get rid of that linoleum.” A candle was identified as the cause. Mary was at a doctor’s appointment. Jim was elsewhere on the property. His mother was inside but was unharmed. Jim joined 8157 in 2012 and serves as the lecturer at the monthly general membership meetings. The Russells stayed with neighbors for a few days and have since settled in at a nearby Holiday Inn Express. But the parish’s new music minister, Felipe Ramirez, recently offered from the use of his rental home in Duncanville. Jim says they’ve been told they will “eventually” be able to move back in, the timetable being “four months to a year.” We’ll all look forward to that.