Family of the Month – May 2023


Jeff and Frances Miller

Jeff has been in the communications business for a life time, in semi-retirement he is still a
freelance writer for the Texas Catholic, Texas Monthly, the Associated Press plus does some
local pro-team game summaries (for the Rangers, Mavs and Stars). Jeff’s also written a book
named Teammates For Life which documents how the Auburn football team members have
remained connected in activities and association for over 50 years. Jeff even wrote these
illustrious articles for our Knights for many years! Jeff joined the Knights in 1997 at the
invitation of Previous Grand Knight Bill Chaco and became a 4 th Degree Knight along with Larry
Balagna. As a Knight, Jeff has served as Recorder, Chancellor, and Deputy Grand
Knight…working to live the Knight’s title of being the ‘strong right arm of the Church.’ Jeff lives
in accord with James 2:26, “I will demonstrate my faith to you from my works” so he serves our
Parish as a Lector, Come Follow Me volunteer and 50 th Anniversary committee volunteer. Jeff’s
wife, Francis, may be even more active than Jeff in Parish service now that she has retired from

a 20-year career as an administrator for an outpatient emergency care provider. Francis now
serves on the Holy Spirit Finance Committee, Outreach Homebound ministry and delivers Meals
on Wheels (and Jeff helps where he can). I think Jeff and Francis also represent model
“Teammates For Life” here at Holy Spirit!