Family of the Month – Oct 2022 Keith and Mary Archer

Keith & Mary Archer

Keith Archer joined our council in 2018 and has already earned a number of awards from our council.  And where you find Keith working at a council activity you’ll probably find Mary as well.  They both help at the baseball concession stand, they both help at the fish fries, both help at cooks out and serving snow cones, and generally help wherever needed.  Not that don’t have individual activities as well. Keith is still employed at Weldon Parts as a product manager (he’s worked for this company for about 37 years)  He is also part of the diocesan prison ministry where he spends many Saturday mornings.  In addition, Keith is also an Archangel attached to Catholic Charities Dallas. Keith is a member of the ACT Team and both he and Mary are active in RCIA.  They never stop giving back.  Mary is retired now, but worked at AT&T for many years and now spend some of her free time helping at the Holy Spirit food pantry.  And to top it all off, Keith and Mary teamed up to establish our council’s sacramental gifts program where each person who receives the sacrament of Holy Communion or Confirmation receives a memento gift from the Knights of Columbus.  It easy to see why this team was selected to be the Family of the Month for October 2022.  They have been married about 33 years and live in Dallas.