Family of the Month – Sept 2022


Larry and Sheila Balagna

It’s rare to catch Larry and/or Sheila when they are not “on the go”.  Larry attends nearly every Knight function and is constantly grooming the grounds at Northwood College – pro bono I might add.  Sheila busies herself with various church activities as well as entertaining the folks at the St. Joseph Assisted Living Center with her piano skills.  Larry and Sheila have big hearts and are always willing to help whenever needed.  It’s this type of charity from the heart that makes them so special and worthy recipients of the Family of the Month award for September 2022.  While they constantly busy themselves in our parish community, they spend a large chunk of their time visiting their children who live in various parts of the country.  Their trip to Toulsbo, Washington to visit their oldest son Kurt and his family (including 4 grandchildren) is lengthy to say the least.  Their visit with their son Matt and family (including 2 grandchildren) in Tekin Illinois, while drivable, is certainly time consuming.  Their longest son, Greg, live in Colorado so you can see they spend a good amount of time on the road to be with their family.  Hopefully all their family will be here in Texas as Larry and Sheila celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary in January, 2023.