Family of the Month – September 2018

Jorge Barragan
Jorge Barragan

Jorge and Eva Barragan

Two generations of Barragans have figuratively rolled up their sleeves at our Valley Ridge concession stands this year, 6-year-old Jorge Jr. at the baseball stand and 10-year-old Jimena at the football location joining their father. Jorge and Eva have three other children: Galilea (13), Lucia (5) and Mariana (born this year on Holy Thursday). Jorge grew up in Waxahachie, met Eva on a trip to Laredo to visit relatives, and they’ve been married for 14 years. Jorge is in his second “tour” with our council, split by work that took the family south to Victoria for five years. He initially joined 8157 eight years ago, when invited by Andy Goza at a meeting of Holy Spirit’s Saturday morning men’s group overseen by Dan Keough. Jorge inherited our designation of the parish fall festival’s logistics chief from our Rod Kinard, who inherited it from our David Dybala, who inherited it from our Martin Svatak. Jorge went from Waxahachie High to UT-Arlington, where he earned an engineering degree. He and two partners operate their own firm in Grand Prairie.