Attention All Sir Knights



jim-richardson-sir-knightI would like to respectfully request that all Sir Knights from Assembly 2799 to personally make their best effort to attend our next Assembly meeting on Thursday, Oct. 8, 2015. It will be one of our most important meetings of the year as it will be the last meeting before we host our Clergy Appreciation Dinner on Nov. 12, 2015. We sincerely need every available Sir Knight to help out in making this annual event a success.

As usual, there is the same number of Sir Knights who are always willing to step up for any event-we need everyone who is a member of the Assembly to help us out this year. We have invited so far a total of 23 priests (Pastors and Parochial Vicars) and 27 Deacons (and spouses) plus a number of Sisters who hopefully will join us at this event. We will need every available Sir Knight to volunteer some of their time in order that we may honor our Clergy who assist us and contribute to our Spiritual development throughout the year.

If you have been unable to attend our meetings in the past, this is the meeting where your presence is needed and most appreciated. Please contribute to our mission of service by attending this next meeting.

Vivat Jesus!!!

James H. Richardson,
Faithful Navigator