11. Bill Chalko, PGK 1997-1999



Bill Chalko

Grand Knight 1998-1999

Grand Knight 1997-1998

Bill Chalko, our Grand Knight in 1997-98 and ’98-99, is one of a handful of 8157 members who have distinguished themselves beyond our council. A year after his two-year term ended, Bill accepted the challenge of becoming a District Deputy. In August 1999, Supreme Knight Virgil Dechant wrote to congratulate 8157 for achieving Star Council in five consecutive fraternal years: “This accomplishment is something that each of your can be proud of and has been accomplished by just a few councils in the past.” Bill served as 8157’s Chancellor before becoming the Grand Knight. During Bill’s time as Grand Knight, a major degree ceremony was hosted for the first time. A crew of Knights installed a sprinkler system and new sod for Fr. Timothy Heines in June 1999 (recently expanded by the KC’s at the request of Fr. Joe Lee). The council’s first Christmas party was held in December 1998. The guest speaker at the Wife and Clergy Appreciation Night held in 1998 was Libby Ramirez, whose remarks included an invitation to the wives of Knights to form a court of the Catholic Daughters of the Americas (which soon happened). The Knights of the Year were the two preceding Grand Knights, Russell Gully and Dick Bates. Leo Mattingly was selected 1999 Person of the Year by the Greater Dallas Association of the Knights of Columbus. Another highlight was participation in the state convention held at D /FW International Airport. Among those who joined the council when Bill was Grand Knight were Dan Murphy, Pat May, Russell Fahlgren, Andrew Ritz, Jeff Miller and Mike Fitzgerald. Alex Peralta joined the Fourth Degree. Transfers included Martin Svatek from Flatonia, Don Heitzman from Oak Cliff and Marce Tebbe from Illinois. We lost William Watson in November 1998 (shortly after he transferred in), Deacon Paul Johansen in February 1999 and Tony Yancy in June 1999. Bill joined the Knights in 1964 as a teenager, is retired from the Marines, and became a parishioner in 1985 along with wife Sandy (who is Fr. Joe’s administrative assistant). They have three children (daughter Paula is getting married at Holy Spirit in September). Bill cites consistent service as the highlight of his time as a Knight: “The desire to help people.”