Eric Christian Conner


The day Eric Christian Conner was born, the world became brighter.  He lived a short life filled with much love for his fellowman.  A loving soul, he never met a stranger and was known for his hugs and handshakes.  Visiting this earth for the purpose of service, Eric welcomed every opportunity to support and help others, whether family, friends, strangers, church or community.  He developed spiritual strength and built a tool box of love shared with all he met.  His most compelling acts of love included his unconditional acceptance of others whatever their plight or condition: skeptics, believers, the selfish and selfless.  Each soul met with him in unity not in separation.  He was a mystic in all relationships seeking common ground with the world.

As Knights we remember Eric as a constant contributor to Knights of Columbus functions.  If you will recall, he seemingly constantly worked at the baseball and football concession stands for many years.  He brought joy to those occasions with his laughter and corny jokes.  Someone once said that he made up his own jokes (not very good ones, though).  Whatever, there was always a good natured aura around Eric.  Eric just plain loved to laugh.  He worked at fish fries, cook-outs, and Knight Hand projects.  He was a hoot and fun to be around.  Eric’s creative personality and vibration was irresistible and his wide smile was always contagious.  Forever loved and remembered, Eric was a man with a heart of gold. 

Eric Christian Conner passed away on May 24, 2023; he was born on January 1, 1967.  His father, Nathaniel Conner, preceded him in death.  He is survived by his mother, Pat Holland Conner, brother and wife, Alexander Todd and Kim Conner and children.  Rest is peace old friend.