For Andy


For Andy

Before you cry about me, just try to understand,
That I am resting safely in the greatness of God’s hand.
I know there’s a special place for me and those I’ve come to love,
like the spirit on our faithful emblem it hovers high above.

I’ll be working hard for you just like I did before,
when in this life I lived to welcome you at the door.
I know you’ll miss the talks we had, the helping hand I gave;
And I’ll be doing the same in heaven –
because I know we will all be saved.

I taught you by example just what it means to live,
As a brother and a leader I tried my best to give.
Before you mourn remember that God alone knows best.
And He has called me onward and with Him I will rest.

Brothers! If Andy could send a message to each of us he’d say –
Please now, don’t mourn for me – I’ve reached a brighter day.

He’ll be praying hard for us just as he did before,
So lift your hearts and please don’t cry –
He will meet us at the door.

Wendell Jean Pierre