Knight of the Month – Apr. 2023

john espree

John Espree

John is the guy that comes toward you with an outstretched hand and a big smile. Maybe it’s
because he grew up in Louisiana or maybe it’s the way he’s adopted the habit after working in
outside truck parts sales for 35 years…but it is a welcoming attitude toward his fellow man.
You’ll find John using his welcoming attitude serving as Usher at Mass, at any Knights activity or
at any other Parish activity Bonnie, his wife, volunteers him to support. John has a blended
family of a son, two daughters, and two grandkids (ask John about his new granddaughter,
Catalina Grace Garza born this April and watch him smile!) John and Bonnie moved to
Duncanville in 2010 and joined the Knights in 2012 (where he says he is “a happy Indian”). John
asked that we help him pick up any trash left behind after Mass…”it’s a shame so much stuff is
left behind.” I’ve also been told John likes playing with Hot Wheels…