Knight of the Month – April 2024


Roy Cormier

The April, 2024 Knight of the Month is Roy Cormier.  Roy was born Catholic and grew up in Louisiana in a farm community where he attended church at St. John’s Chapel.  He was also born in Louisiana and is the eldest of seven children.  Roy joined the Air Force in 1955 where he met his wife, Frances, in 1961 while on assignment in British Guyana.  He became a flight navigator and traveled all over the world.  He and Frances were married by Bishop Gilley and they moved on to have four children, three boys and one girl.  All of their children live in Texas and they have seven grandchildren as well.  Roy retired from the Air Force in 1985. He also attended college at Southwest Louisiana Institute, better known as the University of SW Louisiana in Lafayette, the Ragin Cajuns.  He says most Cajuns are Catholic and that when he was a freshman in high school spent time in the seminary and considered being a priest.  Without a vocation, he did not pursue the interest.  He and Frances moved to Holy Spirit Catholic Church in 1981, but was not a Knight until later where he was recruited by Andy Goza.  He is a companion to his wife, Frances, who is a Eucharistic minister to the homebound where her brother Laurence de Freitas is a participant,  Roy has spent much of his time praying for him as well as other Holy Spirit parishioners, including Deacon Al Evans and Dick and Kathy Johnson.  Meanwhile, Roy is ninety years young and wants to live as long as he can and as long as his mind will let him.  Congratulations, Roy!