Knight of the Month – December 2018


Hector Rubio


Hector is one of those 8157 members who’s rarely seen at the monthly meetings but makes his presence greatly felt “out in the field.” He enjoys contributing his handyman skills to our valuable Knights Hands initiative and is a regular at our Valley Ridge baseball concession stand on Saturday mornings (he’s typically the fry guy, stationed in that front left corner). Hector and his wife of 15 years, Cynthia, live in Duncanville. He has been a Holy Spirit parishioner since 1992, joined the council in January 2016 (accepting an invitation from Jorge Ruiz) and then took his major degrees in April 2017. Hector is a graduate of Thomas Jefferson High School in Dallas, built a career in the electrical trade (part of the skills that he brings to Knight Hands) and retired four years ago. When “on the job” for the council, he often builds a relationship with those who are helped. “Ask and ye shall receive,” Hector said, “and I like to be on the giving end.”