Knight of the Month December – 2023


Congratulations, Jesse, on being chosen as the Knight of the Month for December 2023.  Jesse attends Holy Spirit Catholic Church and has done so since 1980 with his wife Teresa.  They have one 28 year old daughter, Mia.  Jesse was born Catholic in Mexico; but moved to the United States at age two. He was raised in El Paso   His family owned a service station and that is how he knows the value of work through his father and the station.  He became very familiar with the business owning aspect of the company.  Although both of his parents are deceased, he learned many things from his parents.  His father was a Knight as well and his mother was a very strong Catholic;  they were at mass every Sunday and his mother kept up with religious articles, like medals that he even today wears around his neck which reminds him of his Catholic upbringing.  During his upbringing they were confronted with anti-war draft associated sentiment.  But Jesse says the vibe remained good and like minded so there was never any conflict, at least not in their home.  Jesse has also lived in Arlington and Dallas and they attend church on hwy 67 and Main St at Crossroads in order to get more Christian teaching.