Knight of the Month – January 2024


Congratulations, Adan Luna, on being selected Knight of the Month for January 2024.  Adan is from Durango, Mexico and is 48 years old.  He was born Catholic and moved to the United States in 1998.  He and his wife, Norma, have been married for 12 years and live in Cedar Hill, TX. They have five children of their own.  Adan is the tenth child himself of thirteen total.  His family is scattered around from Chicago, Mexico, Dallas, and Harlingen, TX.  His parents have passed away.  Adan works sales as he sells solar panels and has been doing so for three years.  He also has a college degree.  He says he still talks to his friends back home and the name of his previous parish in Mexico is Santa Maria Catholic Church.  The only church he attends now is Holy Spirit Catholic here in Duncanville, TX.   He is a lector, hospitality minister, a member of the Guadalupano group, the men’s ACTS team, and of course is a member of the Knights.  As part of the Knights he has recruited 15 new candidates and is dedicated to the Knights understanding of service including volunteering with Knight Hands.   Adan and his family just recently went on vacations taking them to Chicago, Galveston, Orlando, Denver, and Branson, MO which they enjoyed very much.  His goals for himself as a Knight is to meet with Jorge Ruiz on new recruits especially within the Spanish sector of the church, help the warden and keep helping the most he can.  Thank you Adan for all of the help you have completed thus far!