Knight of the Month – May, 2024


Daniel Kendall

Daniel Kendall was born on January 23rd, 1979 at Dallas Methodist Central Hospital  His Mother moved from Connecticut and passed away when Daniel was 7 years old.  She had Daniel immediately baptized into the Catholic church at Holy Spirit following suit after his elder sisters.  Daniel’s eldest sister passed away and there are now the two older sisters and Daniel.  Daniel never attended church after his Mother’s passing and only has recently been through RCIA at Holy Spirit.  By the way, congratulations!  He says it had been a long time coming.  Holy Spirit Catholic Church has a special place in his heart as he is an usher on Sundays and has been part of the ACTS team as well.  “It is good to be part of something greater than yourself” he says and he of course would like to advance in further church endeavors, but that it takes time and is a slow moving process.  He likes it because it is an escape from the day to day and that it is better than playing video games all day. He says “it makes his Mom happy and proud to see him participate so much with church”.  On top of everything else, Daniel lectors and does quite a bit of reading of the lector manual.  Daniel lives in Cedar Hill and is a high level mechanic at Frazier’s Automotive here in Duncanville, TX.  His fiance is Christine Gleason, the daughter of parishioners Chris and Debbie Gleason.  Also, Daniel acknowledges Doug Karpan as a pillar of the church and Knight community as well as being responsible for his interest in membership in the Knights of Columbus.  Thanks Daniel for sharing all of what you have thus far.