Knight of the Month – May

Mario Luna

Mario Luna

How are you going to fix that?!! Mario is a commercial carpenter who has worked 11 years at
Tarrant College Northeast Campus and is an expert at imaging “how to fix” whatever challenges
him day to day. Mario has four adult children, three in the Dallas area and one in Corpus Christi.
He grew up in Corpus Christi but has lived in Red Oak/Dallas for 48 years, attending 11a.m. Mass
at Holy Spirit for the past two years. Mario was invited to join the Knights by Ramon Presas two
years ago during Easter Holy Week and “the Spirit convinced me to help others”. Mario’s
favorite thing about the Knights is the brotherhood he feels around the other Knights. Mario
has helped out the Ball Park concession stand, fish fry and most recently at the Knights State
Convention registration desk. Back to that “imagining how to”, Mario’s hobby is building
things…from picture frames to a baby bed shaped like a crescent moon (Really! Ask Mario to see
the photo!)