Knight of the Month – Oct 2022


Adan Luna is relatively new to our council and to our parish community.  Adan and his wife (Norma) have been members of Holy Spirit for 3 years and Adan joined the council in June of 2021 and already he is being recognized as the Knight of the Month for October 2022.  Adan is an efflorescent person and his ready smile welcomes everyone he meets.  Recently Adan found it in his heart to help his elderly neighbor by soliciting help from Knight Hands to “clean-up” the broken down trees and bushes in her front and back yard.  He also participated is this Knight Hands project by helping with the clean -up.  Adan took off from his job to help this elderly lady.  We haven’t known Adan very long yet, but this outlay of kind heartedness is what makes Knights special.  When he is working Adan is a sales representative for the Power Energy Company that installs solar energy panels.  If you interested in a solar system for your home, he’s your man.  Adan likes to cook, exercise and do carpentry work.  Adan and his wife recently joined the Guadalupano Society (Our Lady of Guadalupe at Holy Spirit.  They have 5 children ranging from 7 to 26 years old. Adan may be new to the council but he made a very good first impression.