Calling for Nominations for Knight of the Year 2019-2020

Jack Ramsden, Tom Greco

Calling for Nominations for Knight of the Year 2019-2020

We are running behind schedule in nominating the Knight of the Year for the past Fraternal Year 2019-2020 (another Covid-19 interruption), and we are now calling for the nominations. We ask each of you to please send in three (3) names of nominees to be considered for the honor.

The votes are due and will be counted at our next virtual meeting on Tuesday Oct 6th. The top three names of nominees will be announced and then a second vote (secret ballot) will be taken by all present at the meeting.

About the Knight of the Year Award

The Knight of the Year is an award presented to the most outstanding Knight for the fraternal year which ends June 30th of each year. Traditionally during the May general meeting all nominations are accepted. Each Knight present at this meeting is asked to place three Knights in nomination via secret ballot for the Knight of the Year award. These votes are then tabulated by the Grand Knight, Deputy Grand Knight and Chancellor, with the top three in vote count presented for final vote during the June general meeting; again by secret ballot. The winner is then announced during the Awards ceremony dinner sometime in August.

Requirements for Nominees:

  1. Minimum of three years of membership.
  2. Must be in good standing (dues current).
  3. Must have served as a Director, Officer or Committee Chairman before nomination.
  4. Must try to participate in the majority of Knight events and functions.
  5. Willing to be proactive; someone who takes initiative.
  6. Attends and participates in monthly meetings when possible.
  7. The Grand Knight is not eligible during his time in office.
  8. Parish and community participation to be strongly considered.
  9. Knight of the Year award can be received only once.

At this point we are still waiting until we can gather in person (our preference) to bestow this honor on the winner. We will be in wait-and-see mode until next month at which time we can make a final decision as to when/where the award will be presented.