Charity And Generosity During The Holiday Season


Charity And Generosity During The Holiday Season

Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year. People feel more generous this time of year. During this season what counts is generosity. Generosity is a form of charity, i.e; a key aspect of the Knights of Columbus principles of charity, unity, fraternity and patriotism. At this time of year charitable works spring up everywhere; even in this anti-religious culture of ours-whoever is more generous is more charitable. For Catholics and true Christians everywhere, however, the greater charity is, the greater the union with God is. Charity toward others is the union of the word of God with active work.

The Apostle James says that to listen to the Word and not practice it is to deceive oneself.

“Whoever does not practice charity calls oneself religious and a servant of God in vain.”

(James 1:23)

According to James love towards one’s neighbor, necessary aide, guidance and comfort are all essential aspects of charity. There are losses, i.e; from natural events, loss of income, death of loved ones, abandonments of previously intact families which cry out for support and protection from those who can give. The charity of God is not seasonal and does not exclude the charity we must offer to our brothers and sisters all year long. As Knights of Columbus we give Glory to God by aiding our neighbors, it is then that the work becomes sanctified and supernatural.

Charity in practice is true faith. Faith, to be true must be bold in action, consistently bold everyday of the year against all the things the world, the flesh, and the devil puts in its way to belittle it, oppose it, and demolish it. Faith, supported by hope, and above all, by charity, does not collapse for any reason. Faith is knowledge which comes from love, i.e; Love of God and love of our fellow man. The stronger love is, the stronger faith is, for love brings God to be known to those who do not know God or know Him only in a lukewarm manner.

Charity is active. Active in making God’s glory and mercy shine forth through our example. John says:

“if someone says, I love God, and hates his brother, he is a liar. For one who does not love he whom he sees and knows-how can he love God who he does not see and does not know.”

(John 2, 9.”)

The active charity work that the Knights of Columbus carries out, i.e; contributions of time, work and financial help to others in our community and indeed around the world, is a living example of faith and love in practice.

As Jesus says: “Love one another as I have loved you.”

( John 4: 21)


SK, Wendell JeanPierre, Lecturer