God’s Love And The Roots of Modern Problems


God’s Love And The Roots of Modern Problems

World War II ended over seventy five years ago. But more wars and disasters have followed and are now seem to be multiplying and escalating. We experienced the Korean War, the divisive Vietnam War, and are presently in the mist of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars with no end in sight, along with the terrorism these wars have generated. Additionally, there are the powder kegs of Iran, Lebanon, and parts of the African continent. Even in our own country, we see our cities and streets crime-ridden and set ablaze. Likewise, natural disasters are proliferating today in terrifying ways: numerous violent hurricanes, earthquakes, unprecedented heat waves, floods forest fires-all with a great loss of life and property!

Modern man ask: “Where is the God of love in this? Why does God permit all these evils?”

He is here, as always. But he grieves at the horrible abuse of His Gift of free will to man. And yes, His chief attribute is love, perfect Love. Yet, He is also the God of perfect Justice. Thus, when mankind, by his rebellion and increasing moral depravity, forces His hand, then His Love becomes-in St. Augustine’s phrase: “sincere love” or in today’s words “tough love”. He leaves us to our choices, in the hope that, by their consequences, we will finally learn “wisdom of the heart” (Psalm 90:12). Now, what about the evil that man permits and causes?

Do not blame what is happening on anything else but the piling up of sin upon sin of every kind against the faith, the church, good morals; unnamable vices, hatred and open attacks against church buildings and Holy Images. These are the fundamental cause of the misfortunes which have happened up till now and also for future tragedies which will befall Earth and Humanity because of more grievous faults committed. Prayer, deep repentance prayer, is needed to prevent the frightful catastrophes that this corruption of humanity has caused.

God draws good from evil always even when its not immediately apparent. God is Love, but He is also Justice. God is always Just, in rewarding and in correcting. God’s love is not condition on earthly considerations like political expediency, personal friendship, or blood relations. He judges; absolves, or condemns with a Perfect Spirit that transcends all earthly considerations.

Many love God in the abstract because it is easy to love someone who loves you. And because God is forgiveness, it is easy to love someone who forgives. But what about the love to our neighbor?

A neighbor is not always good; and is sometimes unjust and ready to hurt you and increase your pain and sorrow. He sometimes becomes an a accomplice of others to oppress you and hurt you more. Nevertheless, we are called to forgive. The Apostle John said:

“…..he who says he loves God but hates his fellow man is a liar”

I Jn4:12

Among all men; past, present and future no one has borne nor will bear the burden, nor drink from the chalice which crushed the crucified Christ-the most Holy Innocent!

Hence, we should know how to imitate Him in all His attributes as our loving Savior in order to draw good from all that God permits to befall us, to test us, to reward us and to call us back to his loving arms. Make your way Lord Jesus!

As Knights of Columbus, whose icons are also being pulled down every week we will continue to carry out, in word and deed, the call of the Gospel to love God and to love our neighbor as we love ourselves.

Wendell Jeanpierre, Lecturer
August 1, 2020