Happy New Year 2020


Happy New Year 2020

The New Year is always a time for great anticipation, new resolutions and past reflection.  We look forward to the promise of what to come and we reflect on the past year’s gains and setbacks.

Whether looking at the past year or the past 50 years our time is marked by a broad attack on Christian values.  The lack, in many, of a strong moral compass has created a spiritual vacuum which has led to a climate of disillusionment, rebellion and despair.  Many no longer believe in God!

G.K. Chesterton said that when people stop believing in God it’s not that they no longer believe in nothing, it means that they are ready to believe in anything! As a result, all kinds of pie-in-the-sky and heaven-on-earth fantasies run rampant.      

While there has been a definitive shift away from Christian belief and norms in modern life, all is not lost.  Our New Year’s resolution this year and every year as Knights of Columbus is to fight for the faith and help strengthen the church from the atheists who deny, the lukewarm who slumber, the distracted who chaste after the vanities of this world and the unwary who are blind toward the present time.  There are those who do not know the truth (Jn: 14-6), those who do not seek the truth and those who are not moved by the truth.      

As faithful Catholics and especially as Knights, to the many who do not know the truth we must teach and instruct.  To those who do not think about the truth we say:  (Memento Mori).  To those who are not moved by the truth we show them by our example-faith in action.  We must double-down on our efforts to show that Christianity is about the Cross of Christ not material comfort.

We, Knights of Columbus, Glorify God by working for the common good. Our perennial resolution is to speak about the faith and work for the faith.

We bear witness to Jesus Christ in both word and deed.  Our order has developed a culture of charity, unity and fraternity by faithfully serving our Church and community.  When people see the work of over 16,000 councils around the world they take a closer look.  People see us in Churches, people see us in nursing homes, people see us in their neighborhoods, people see us responding to storms and other natural disasters when needed and they are grateful to us for that.                   

Let us resolve in the coming year to continue our work of spreading the Good News.           

Glory Be to the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit!                         

SK Wendell JeanPierre, Lecturer