In man’s never-ending search for the truth, some very “smart” and famous people have made fools of themselves. Voltaire, a French atheistic philosopher, predicted that “in a hundred years there will be no more bibles on earth.” That statement was made in the 1700’s.  Later, Voltaire’s house became the headquarters of the ‘The Bible Society’ which printed tens of thousands of bibles.  So much for wild predictions that blind us from the real, ever lasting truth. Delusions of political and social utopias expected from man-made ideologies have fooled many over the centuries.

Today, many reject the very concept of truth – religious and otherwise.  They proclaim that what the Western World describes as truth is nothing but a ‘social construct’ which was and is a tool to oppose certain races, groups, females, other cultures and third world people.  I can’t help but wonder what was the cause of oppression and slavery before the Western World came into being? Maybe the world was one big happy family before Jesus?

               The post modern outlook demands a “war on truth” – a fight against God and His Word.  Truth to those who embrace this outlook is the same as an opinion; everyone has their own.  Christian belief in the Word of God, Jesus Christ, who died for our sins, is ridiculed and rejected.  All religions are myths they proclaim; and at best only one of many world views, which all fall short in the face of the new religion called “science.”  If God does not exist, they say, there is no absolute authority that we must obey.  Political power establishes its own truth.  This “truth of power” is then imposed on others and dictatorship and communism are born, and the door is opened for the anti-christ and his precursors.  We all remember this truth of power when we hear “….it depends on what the meaning of the word[is]is.”

                While fighting for truth with Cristian charity, love, and compassion in mind, we must see our fight as a life and death struggle for the salvation of souls by fixing the moral compass of our culture, especially for the future of our children.  Silence is not an option.  Our main spiritual enemy, Satan, has only one goal: to destroy our faith, separate us from God and our fellow man through war, hate, and vengeance.

Jesus, the Redeemer, Son of God, Savior, Lamb of God, the Alpha and Omega, the revealer of all truth who raises us up from spiritual death, not only rose from the dead, but He also shows us the road to avoid mortal sin.   The sin that kills the life of God within us.  Satan uses the same strategy as Napoleon used, albeit much more intelligently and crafty, when he said: “[N]ever interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake.”  How much more true this is when your enemy is the whole human race!

Satan will not interrupt us when he sees many headed for spiritual death as well.  Those of us who have tasted the bitter emptiness and spiritual decay of the modern world and found only empty dissolution have placed our faith in Jesus Christ “….the Way, the Truth, and the Life” because we know that politics, consumerism and the latest fads do not satisfy.  The culture’s attack on the truth of Christian wisdom is a sign of moral decline.  “…if you don’t want mankind to be unhappy, don’t give them two sides of a problem to worry about, give them one, better yet give them none”(Fahrenheit 451).  Hence, the present-day attempt to eliminate any opposing view which goes against ‘political correctness’ and ‘woke’ ideology.  Only by faith is the problem of truth resolved and love, charity and virtue discovered in the name of the triune God.  The source of truth is Jesus Christ, the Word of God.  As bad as things may get, we do not yield to despair or resignation.  Many go through life pursuing wealth and pleasure with enormous passion, like a treasure hunter seeking riches.  He, the hunter, entertains a “faith” that there is treasure to be found; a certain belief always comes before acceptance, unless your name is Paul of Tarsus.

              In Luke 11:9, Jesus says that only those who seek shall find, only those who ask will be answered and only those who knock will see the door open for them.

              “The Knights of Columbus can and will be a sign of unity in this age and a source of light and courage for the men and families living in these challenging times…the time has come for us to answer the call out of love for Christ and His Church.” (Supreme Knight Patrick E.Kelly)

           TO BE CONTINUED

Wendell Jeanpierre Aud. 2021 Lecturer