As we wrote about in last month’s lecture, the images from the James Webb Telescope inspires us to turn our hearts and minds to a loving God who created us as well as the landscape of galaxies, stars, and planets we see in our night sky:
            “….when I consider your heavens, the work of your fingers, the moon and all the stars, which you have set in place, what is mankind that you are mindful of him, human beings that you care for them?”(Psalm 8:3)
            We are told we live in a scientific age, a period where studying anything that cannot be “proved” is a waste of time.  Modernist thought seeks to replace God and His divine plan of salvation for us with a human utopia, a concept that some call “transhumanism” that attempts to offer us a world where a “new man” is created through a religious-like “faith” in science and technology.  This new religion says: “why worry about heaven, hell and the afterlife when we can enjoy unlimited life extension, perhaps even immortality by re-creating ours with man-made powers like supercomputers. Borrowing from religious text and concepts, some pseudo-scientists actually believe that science will ‘wipe away every tear from our eye and there will be no more sorrow and pain, no crying and no suffering because the former things will pass away. An infantile delusion indeed!  Those who promote this view, who cannot create a single blade of grass from scratch, go so far as trying to replace God with a “belief” that evolution’s long, slow process will lead to a new and higher human intelligence, a future cosmic being that will provide us a technological enlightenment which will fulfill all human desires of previous millennium.
            We true Catholics and true Christians of all denominations disagree completely with those who say humans and all we see around us are simply a product of material evolution that evolved from nothing but a nebulous ether and gravity that came from nothing and developed into something and returns to nothing from which it came. Nothing from nothing leaves nothing, or is it something?
            “As far as the law of mathematics refer to reality they are not certain, and as far as they are certain, they do not refer to reality.”(Albert Einstein: Address to the Prussian Academy of Science, 1921)”
            Who needs God some say today when we can save ourselves with gene-splicing electrode implants and AI computer algorithms? Further following this line of thinking, we will be free from sin; if there is such a thing, by having no moral restrictions in everyday life especially in matters of sex.
            Creating an artificial wall between religion and science is not our mission; they are not mutually exclusive.  All we want to do is place them in the right order.  God, both the Creator and Savior wants us to believe in Him first through our faith and works and later through mankind’s study of creation and material evolution.  Without our Creator there would be nothing to evolve from; no molecules, no one-cell animals, no fish, no reptiles, no animals, and no mankind.   Science works with assumptions about the material world through hypotheses and experimentations and has discovered many of the laws of nature and has opened many pathways for the betterment of the common good.  Absent of moral guidance and Christian based values the discoveries of science has also led to and continues to lead to weapons of mass destruction which threatens to not only undermine the good that has been done but has the potential to destroy the very foundations of human life itself. Religion and science are the two eyes we use to see the universe and the earth. Losing one of these eyes, especially the eye of faith, would cause us to be half blind. True science is complete and should reveal God’s work in ever increasing degrees over the millennium like the showcase of our 13.5 billion year old night sky. Through faith and science we should turn our face to God who created the whole world and breathed life into us and created all the flora and fauna of the earth.
            “When I consider your heavens, the work of your fingers, the moon and the stars, which you have set in place, what is mankind that you are mindful of him, human beings that you care for them”. (Psalm: 8 3-5)
             Grace-inspired faith and human knowledge should always guide scientific reason to its proper role because without proper moral guidance science has been used as a force for good as well as evil. Let us never forget the lessons of WW II, the horrors of Nazism and Communism! Science or no science a society without a foundation in the word of God is truly one which become playthings of the devil; a world which sees hatred and death as love and healing.  Mankind’s inclination for complete power, indulging in the most depraved and profane passions and desire to oppress his fellow man is loosed under the guise of fighting ‘haters’, enemies of freedom to choose, racists and all things good people want. Scientific rationalism, the study of the laws of nature and its interconnections, must take into account our spiritual side; emotions, imaginations, passions, and faith because God created us with eternity in our hearts. God cannot be verified like other aspects of the material world, analyzed like other material objects. We cannot understand man let alone God without faith. Without God even an advanced technological civilization cannot tell us what kind of human we should be. The source ,not only of our physical makeup but all that is seen and unseen, our spiritual and moral side, grace and sin, the temporary and the eternal, the complete quality and nature of the human race, is God; one and triune and His Revelation in Jesus Christ.
            The time when Christian viewpoints and even Christians themselves are respected as viable and decent members of society is under serious challenges today. The various tenets of the sexual revolution and ‘woke’ ideology is exerting heavy pressure on the beliefs and everyday lives on all of us.  From kindergarten classrooms where ‘sex education’ is taught and drag queen reading hours take place in libraries, to the workplace and even within the language itself with the “war of the pronouns” an all-out war on everything Christian is taking place, and trying to replace God with limited human knowledge. While science is not evil in itself, human pride tries to make us gods of our own knowledge and hubris and seeks to worm its way into every nook and cranny of our thinking and social life. To some, there is no truth so therefore everything is allowed. Without correct spiritual judgement everyone may be permitted everything they desire. Two thousand five hundred years ago the Greek philosopher Sophocles said: :”Evil appears as good in the minds of those whom the gods lead to destruction .If you try to cure evil with evil you will add more pain to your fate”. Today as well there is a spirit of madness and insanity that preys on the faithful of this world. This reality not only is dangerous to  physical bodies, but also takes the form of spiritual confusion like the viewpoint that says a baby in only a baby if the mother wants it to be or men and women are only such if they want to be men and women biology notwithstanding. True Christians are believers in God and in objective natural law and will never compromise the truth of God for the sake of a false peace with the spirit of the world. How can we improve the common good, the family, politics, the life of the unborn, the stranger and victims of all kinds of social evils and inequalities if we replace God’s Will with limited human knowledge? Whom do we worship? What do we worship? God or our own often misguided interests, satisfactions and desires which changes from one generation to the next? Like the Bob Dyan song said:”…you got to serve somebody”. Lets’ hope its God and not satan!
            God is the complete source, the ultimate truth of everything that is good and necessary for human life and salvation; our spiritual and moral makeup, grace vs sin the
temporal and eternal.  Look around you and see what the utopian alternatives have brought us. We must grasp the seriousness of our present situation if we have any chance of reversing the grave damage that we see all around the present landscape.
                                 SK Wendell Jeanpierre Lecturer Oct. 2022
“Darwin’s House of Cards”
“The Politically Incorrect Guide To Science” Tom Bethel
“Christian Social Principles” Sr. Mary O’Brien
“How Science Points To God” Dr.G.Verchuren