Why We Love Mary – July 2019


Why We Love Mary

In Luke 1:26-38,the Evangelist writes about the announcement of the the birth of Jesus:”Hail Mary Full Of Grace The Lord Is With You” 
The angel goes on telling Mary that her cousin Elizabeth who is barren will also conceive. The particular focus of the Annunciation to Mary is Jesus identity as Son of God conceived by the power of the Holy Spirit”(Lk 1:32-35) where Elizabeth’s son John is described as a prophet of the most High(Lk 1:35)
Gabriel said to Mary ‘Hail’ and the sound of of the angel’s voice brought a new wave of grace upon the Woman already inundated with grace. Grace was the being preserved from original sin which God had made to the one chosen to be the first Tabernacle of the Word incarnate. But great also was Mary’s response:”Let it be done to me according to your word” (Lk 1:38). Mary was the opposite of Eve. Through Eve’s disobedience Paradise was lost; through Mary’s obedience Paradise was regained! 
The angel could rightly say, ‘full of grace’. Yes full of grace! Grace was in her; grace-that is- most highly favored by God-and grace that is,God’s gift, was seconded by her humility. Mary never separated from God. Mary was with God and God was with Mary. The infinite perfection of God descended, with a joy inconceivable for us ordinary people,into the womb of Mary.
Elizabeth said:”Blessed are you among women and Blessed is the fruit of your womb”. The Hail Mary prayer then,comes right out of the bible and is based on scripture.(Lk:26-45)
Blessed is the pure one,destined for the Lord
Blessed is the one desired by the Trinity
Blessed is the Victorious One who crushes the head of the dragon
Blessed is the Virgin who “did not know man” but who knew only the Lord’s embrace
Blessed is the mother who became such out of holy obedience 
Blessed is co-redemptrix who cancels out Eve’s sin and brought forth the ‘tree of life’ where the Tempter sowed the seeds of death
Blessed is Mary for divine maternity,her holy humility, for her untouched virginity
As knights we are charged with fighting for the message of the Gospel through faith and works particularly charity. We are spiritual soldiers of Christ the King,led by the Holy Spirit,commanded by Michael the Archangel,protected by Mary,Queen of Heaven. The Rosary is our sword. Our shield is God himself!
Glory be to the father,the Son,and the Holy Spirit!

Wendell JeanPierre, Lecturer

Ref: Luke 1:26-45
Catechism of the Catholic Church:(2673-2682)