February 2022 General Meeting Minutes


February 1st, 2022 General Meeting Minutes


GRAND KNIGHT’S REPORT: I want to start my Grand Knights report by again thanking all of you for becoming Knights. As we turn the corner into the new year we are reminded that the next five months will also be the last five months of my term as your Grand Knight. And with that fact, there will come some changes, we must start gearing up the leadership that will continue at the helm of the council by appointing an elections committee soon to help to help guide us through this transition into the new officer’s team. We must also encourage our current program directors and committee directors, committee chairs all of whom have done outstanding work over the last 18 months to remain in their posts so that we may continue to benefit from their experience and their wise guidance.

If you did not have a chance to join us please follow the link below for the meeting transcript and recording.

Thank you,

Raymond Presas, Recorder
Knights of Columbus Council 8157