May 2022 General Meeting Minutes


May 3rd, 2022 General Meeting Minutes


Grand Knight’s report: I’d like to begin by sharing a little bit of the experience that we just went through this past weekend we attended the Knights of Columbus Texas State convention in Corpus Christi it was extremely well attended it’s been the first one that has been in person for since ours was canceled in 2020. We were supposed to have hosted it in 2020 here in Dallas the team that I was on we were all ready to get going and in March 29th they called us and said because of COVID we had to cancel so it was a very frustrating experience. We are happy to report that we are gonna be hosting it again next year here in Dallas and pretty much the same team that was already to go in March of 2020, is gonna be doing what we had already practiced, to do once only we’re going to do it better…

If you did not have a chance to join us please follow the link below for the meeting transcript and recording.

Thank you,

Raymond Presas, Recorder
Knights of Columbus Council 8157