Meeting Minutes 2018-12-04

Meeting 2018-12-04 - 2 of 6


December 4, 2018

Meeting 2018-12-04 - 2 of 6

The meeting called to order at: 7:30 PM by Grand Knight Tom Greco.

The Grand Knight opened the meeting with an “Our Father” and the Pledge of Allegiance. The Grand Knight led the Opening Ode.

Roll Call of Officers: P = present, EX= excused, A = absent

  • Grand Knight: Tom Greco: P
  • Dep Grand Knight: Jeff Miller: P
  • Chancellor: Jorge Ruiz: P
  • Financial Secretary: Peter Perta: P 
  • Treasurer: James Smith: P
  • Recorder: Jim Russell: P
  • Advocate: Russell Gully: P
  • Chaplain: Fr. Lee: EX
  • Warden: Art Senato: EX
  • Inside Guard: Tony Gonzalez: A
  • Outside Guard: Jeff Traub: P
  • Trustee (1) Jim Richardson: P
  • Trustee (2) Mike Fitzgerald: P
  • Trustee (3) Dan Murphy: P

  • The Grand Knight led the Opening Ode.
  • Minutes of the previous meeting were Approved as published.
  • Introduction of new members: None
Meeting 2018-12-04 - 1 of 6

Grand Knight’s Report: None

Treasurer’s Report: (James Smith)

  • The Treasurer’s report was accepted.

Financial Secretary’s Report: (Peter Perta)

  • Membership stands at 241.
  • Seventy-seven percent of 2018 dues have been collected.
  • Dues for the calendar year 2019 are due in January.
  • Approximately 42% of the current fiscal year budget has been spent.

Trustees Report: None

Committee Reports:

Community Activities: (Dan Murphy)

  • The council served about 60 veterans at our Nov. 10th cook out at VA Hospital. About 30 plus came down for the meal while the rest were served in their rooms by the hospital staff.
  • A spring meal at St. Joseph’s Residence is being planned as well as a cook out for the Ems at Charlton Methodist.

Knight Hands: (Allen Reitmeier)

  • Six projects had been completed since the last meeting.
  • These include a fence repair, a cabinet built and installed at the church, tree and brush removal and the installation of smoke alarms at a parishioner’s home.

Youth Activities Report: (Mike Moloughney)

  • Next Youth activity will be the January March for Life in Washington, D.C. January 19th.
  • The Dallas March will take place January 18th.
  • Youth will be selling poinsettias for Christmas each weekend. The proceeds are for the January trip to Washington.

Pro Life Committee Report: (Mike Moloughney)

  • See Youth activities.
  • The Dallas March for Life will be January 18th. Buses will be provided.

Council Activities: (Andy Goza)

  • Planning our January Appreciation Dinner and our corporate communions are pending response from Cindy Meyer.

First Degree Team: (Tom Greco)

  • Admission Committee interviewed applicant Dennis Hudson.
    • Committee recommends approval.
  • The team has been informed of between 5 and 9 candidates from two other councils and possibly some more from Council 17111, St. Elizabeth.
  • Next ceremony will be December 11th.

Membership Committee Report: (Keith Archer)

  • Preparing handout about Council Activities for next membership drive.

Retention Committee Report: (Wendell Jean Pierre)

  • No report.
Meeting 2018-12-04 - 3 of 6

Awareness Committee Report: (Jorge Ruiz)

  • Council activities calendar has been updated for the next calendar year. It is available on the web site.
  • Discussed who is required to undergo Safe Environment Training. Not all are required to take the Supreme program, but any Knight can. Anyone who works with youth or any individual who is “at risk”, i.e. elderly or disabled, is required to take the Diocese program.
  • Presented Disaster Preparedness pages on website. Will be seeking to meet supreme’s requirements for training to prepare individuals/groups in our council to properly respond to local or national catastrophes.
  • Training will be organized for early next year.

Church Activities: (James Smith)

  • The Breakfast with St. Nick will be December 9th.
    • Knights who want to cook should meet in the kitchen by 6:30.
    • The breakfast will start about 9:00 and will be over about 12:00.

Concessions Committee: (James Smith)

  • Results for baseball and football will be ready for the January meeting.
  • One or two more flag football games are scheduled for December.

Health Committee Report: (Lou Lemons)

  • A flyer about winter health risks has been sent to the Awareness Committee.
  • There is another food recall. This one is for hamburger meat.
  • Flu season is underway. Get your flu shots and wash your hands.

Family Activities: (Jeff Miller)

  • Knight of the Month for December is Hector Rubio.
  • Family of the Month for December is David and Veronica Ybarra.
  • Charles Turner is still in Rehab and may need assistance when he moves back to his apartment.

Old Business:

  1. Father Russ Mower is selecting the ciborium to be presented to Bishop Dunne Catholic School.
  2. Allen Reitmeier reported on the meeting with Duncanville Baseball concerning running their concession stand.
    • Council agreed to wait on a decision until after the Duncanville board meets to discuss our potential offer and until the results of this year’s concessions was reported.

New Business:

  1. Jim Stavinoha requested that the Council consider making an annual donation to the Faith Formation Program beginning with our next year’s budget.
    • The Grand Knight commentated that he intends to start preparing next year’s budget so that it can be in place when the next fiscal year starts.
  2. Mike Moloughney moved that the Council donate funds for the Youth trip to Washington, D.C. Funds would be used to assist youth who might not be able to afford the cost of the trip.
    • Motion was seconded and approved.
  3. Wreaths Across America program will take place this month at the D/FW National Cemetery.
    • Volunteers should contact Keith Archer.

District Deputy Report: (Andy Goza)

  • Recruiting for new members across the state is down. About half of the state’s councils have not recruited one new member this year.
  • The Dallas area is leading the state in virtually all categories. Two new councils have been added to the Dallas area.
  • Safe Environment requirements were explained.
  • Free throw tournaments will be held in January and February.
Meeting 2018-12-04 - 4 of 6
DD Andy Goza presents PG Jim Richardson the Texas Spirit Award presented to our council for the past fraternal year. Jim immediately turned it over to GK Tom Greco.

Report of the 4th Degree:

  • Clergy Appreciation Dinner was held Nov. 8th.
  • Still collecting flags for retirement ceremony next spring.
  • The essay contest is planned for Bishop Dunne Catholic School.
  • Next Assembly meeting will be December 13th.
  • Next exemplification will be in March in Wichita Falls.
Jim Russell receives Let Your Light Shine recognition
Jim Russell receives Let Your Light Shine recognition

Meeting Adjourned at: 8:59 PM

Jim Russell,
Recording Secretary