Meeting Minutes 2019-06-04

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June 4, 2019

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The meeting called to order at: 7:30 PM by Grand Knight Tom Greco.

The Grand Knight opened the meeting with an “Our Father” and the Pledge of Allegiance. 

Roll Call of Officers: P = present, EX= excused, A = absent

  • Grand Knight: Tom Greco: P
  • Dep Grand Knight: Jeff Miller: EX
  • Chancellor: Jorge Ruiz: P
  • Financial Secretary: Peter Perta: P
  • Treasurer: James Smith: P
  • Recorder: Jim Russell: P
  • Advocate: Russell Gully: P
  • Chaplain: Fr. Lee: EX
  • Warden: Doug Maddox: P
  • Inside Guard: Tony Gonzalez: A
  • Outside Guard: Jeff Traub: EX
  • Trustee (1) Jim Richardson: P
  • Trustee (2) Mike Fitzgerald: P
  • Trustee (3) Dan Murphy: EX


The regular meeting was suspended, and the gavel was turned over to our District Deputy, William Dover, for the election of next year’s officers.  There were no nominations from the floor.   A motion was made and seconded that the proposed slate be elected by acclamation.   The DD called for a voice vote and there were no negative votes.  The regular meeting was resumed.  Below is a list of the newly elected officers:

  • Grand Knight:  Tom Greco
  • Deputy Grand Knight:  Jorge Ruiz
  • Chancellor:  Allen Reitmeier
  • Advocate:  Russell Gully
  • Treasurer:  James Smith
  • Recorder:  Mike Fitzgerald

  • Warden:  Doug Maddox
  • Inside Guard:  John Espree
  • Outside Guard: Jeff Traub
  • Trustee 1st Year:  Chris Edwards
  • Trustee 2nd Year:  Jim Richardson
  • Trustee 3rd Year:  Chris Kubin

Grand Knight’s Report: (Tom Greco)

  • No Report.
  • MINUTES OF PREVIOUS MEETING: Approved as published.

Introduction of new members

Kenneth O. Mbagwu
  • Kenneth O. Mbagwu, a transfer from Arlington Council 6269 was introduced.

Treasurer’s Report: (James Smith)

  • Accepted as read.

Financial Secretary’s Report: (Peter Perta)

  • Membership continues at 243. 
  • Seventy percent of dues have been collected. 
  • All required reports to Supreme have been submitted. 
  • We have spent approximately 77 % of our 2018-2019 budget.

Trustees Report:

  • No report.

Committee Reports:

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Community Activities: (Dan Murphy)

  • No report, Dan was excused and is out of state.

Knight Hands: (Allen Reitmeier)

  • One project has been completed since the last meeting and two are planned for this month.

Youth Activities Report: (Mike Moloughney)

  • No report, Mike Moloughney was absent.

Pro Life Committee Report: (Mike Moloughney)

  • No report, Mike Moloughney was absent.

Council Activities: (Vacant)

  • No report.

First Degree Team: (Tom Greco)

  • No candidates for initiation at this time. 

Membership Committee Report: (Keith Archer)

  • No report.

Retention Committee Report: (Vacant)

  • No report.

Awareness: (Jorge Ruiz)

  • There will be a special mass at the Dallas Arboretum on June 15th
  • Dallas Diocese Chapter Annual Year End Banquet will be held on Thursday, June 27th, 2019.
    • Last year Council 8157 was named Council of the Year. 
    • All Knights are encouraged to submit nominations by June 17 for:
      • Knight of the Year
      • Grand Knight of the Year
      • Council of the Year
      • Chaplain of the Year
    • All Knights are invited to attend the banquet, tickets are $15 and can be purchased online.

Safe Environment: (Jorge Ruiz)

  • No report.

Disaster Preparedness: (Wendell JeanPierre)

  • Wendell JeanPierre has accepted role of Emergency Response Coordinator (ERC)
  • The committee is in the organizing process.

Church Activities: (Mike Denoy)

  • Absent- No report.

Concessions Committee: (James Smith)

  • There are several make up games scheduled; we need more help at the concession stands.
  • The Cedar Hill Little League World Series will take place Wednesday-Sunday June 19-23, 2019. We need all hands on deck at the concession stands.

Health Committee Report: (Lou Lemons)

  • No report, Lou Lemons was absent.

Family Activities: (GK Tom Greco for Jeff Miller)

  • Mass cards have been sent as appropriate. 
  • Knight of the Month: Jim Russell
  • Family of the Month: Dan and Pat Murphy
Jim Russell and Tom Greco
Knight of the Month for June 2019 awarded to Jim Russell
Eric Conner and Tom Greco
Eric Conner picks up his Knight of the Month award from April

Old Business:

  1. The proposed 2019-2020 budget had a second review and was approved as submitted with a second vote.
  2. A motion to make a donation for the Parish picnic was made, seconded and approved.

New Business:

  • Brother Steve Zehnder made an appeal for members to attend the upcoming men’s ACTS retreat on June 20-23.
  • Council has agreed to cook for the Oct. 20th Duncanville Sister City visitors.
  • Council needs a brother to chair the Council Activities committee
  • Council needs a brother to chair the Retention committee. 

Field Agent Report: (Jon Fincher)

  • No agent present.

District Deputy Report: (Bill Dover)

  • Dr. William Dover is our new District Deputy.  
  • Council 17111 is up and running. 
  • The Knights of Columbus are among the first three organizations to arrive at the scene of a disaster.  The others are the Lions Club and the Baptist Men’s organization.

Report of the 4th Degree: (Jim Russell)

  • FN Jim Russell spoke of the annual activities of Assembly 2799.
  • Allen Reitmeier is presented a special recognition award
Allen Reitmeier and Jim Russell
Allen Reitmeier is presented a special recognition award from Fourth Degree Assembly 2799

The Grand Knight called for the Good of the Order:  Several prayer requests were made.

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Meeting Adjourned at: 9:27 PM

Jim Russell,
Recording Secretary