Degree Team

L-R: Jim Russell, Marce Tebbe, David Dybala, Tom Greco, Andy Goza, Peter Perta, Jim Richardson

It is with pride and pleasure that the Degree team poses for this picture as they performed their first 1st Degree ceremony on August 2, 2012. After months and months of preparation and hours and hours of practice, they performed as old veterans their first time out. No wonder really, with all the talent of the Knights pictured here. Tom Greco, the 1st degree team leader, gets a lot of the credit for his vision and his persistence in forming, developing and inspiring this team of Knights.

After only a handful of performances this team had rightfully earned a reputation throughout the diocese. Bill Dover, District Deputy, and Roger Scott Diocesan Deputy Director, have been most complimentary of the work of this team, using words like “tremendous“, “inspiring” and “great job“.

Meet our Degree Team of 2024

Tom Greco continues to lead the Degree Team for Council #8157. As you may recall, prior to March 1, 2020 the first three degree were presented in separate ceremonies. Typically the exemplification of the first degree of the Order – Charity – had been presented in Council chambers with only Knights in good standing attending. The second degree – Unity – and the third degree – Fraternity – were both presented on the same day. Typically there was a short period between the 1st and major degree exemplifications. After Mar. 1, 2020 all three degrees are now conferred in one ceremony. Additionally the public is invited to witness this ceremony and is usually conducted in the sanctuary. Degrees are conferred in both Spanish and English. Tom joined the Knights in 2007and has held numerous offices in the Council – including Grand Knight. Since 2012 approximately 325 nights have been inducted into the Order under Tom’s watch.

Exemplification group 2023-11-14

Fr. Uche, Mike Fitzgerald, Russell Gully, Jim Russell, Tom Greco, Allen Reitmeier, Marc Evans, Gonzalo Aillon, Carlos Limones, Frank Salazar, Efrain Ochoa, Anderson De Souza, Jorge Ruiz, Drew Carlson, Paul Ryan, Alex Carlson, Peter Perta, Arthur Rodriguez

The English speaking Team includes: Tom Greco, Peter Perta, Russell Gulley and Mike Fitzgerald. The Spanish speaking Team includes Gamaliel Hernandez, Adan Lune, Frank Salazar and Gonzalo Aillon.