Degree Team

L-R: Jim Russell, Marce Tebbe, David Dybala, Tom Greco, Andy Goza, Peter Perta, Jim Richardson

[dropcaps] I [/dropcaps] t is with pride and pleasure that the Degree team poses for this picture as they performed their first 1st Degree ceremony on August 2, 2012. After months and months of preparation and hours and hours of practice, they performed as old veterans their first time out. No wonder really, with all the talent of the Knights pictured here. Tom Greco, the 1st degree team leader, gets a lot of the credit for his vision and his persistence in forming, developing and inspiring this team of Knights.

After only a handful of performances this team had rightfully earned a reputation throughout the diocese. Bill Dover, District Deputy, and Roger Scott Diocesan Deputy Director, have been most complimentary of the work of this team, using words like “tremendous“, “inspiring” and “great job“.

Meet our Degree Team

Tom Greco


The Grand Knight presides over all meetings and is tasked with enforcing the rules and regulations of the Council and the laws of the order, and is chairman of the Board of Trustees.  He appoints all directors and committee members.  He acts as chaplain in the absence of the regular chaplain.  He countersigns orders drawn and signed by the Financial Secretary.  Responsible for the council’s First Degree Team. He is responsible for the overall success of this council's activities. Tom joined the Knights in 2007 and he has been the leader of our Degree Team since its start in August 2012. He was voted Knight of the Year in 2014. He and his wife, Helen, live in Duncanville.

Pete Perta
Peter Perta


The Financial Secretary is responsible to collect and receive all moneys due the council, and all funds received from any source.  He keeps an account of the indebtedness of each member and each certificate holder and the amount received from each.  He keeps a roll of the membership and certificate holders, their ages, residences and occupation, with date of initiation.  He notifies the Supreme Secretary of the names and addresses of all council officers.  He keeps the seal of the council and affixes same to all proper papers. Peter joined the Knights in 2011 and is also a member of our Degree Team. He and his wife, Bernadine live in Dallas.

Jim Richardson


The Board of Trustees consists of grand knight and three other elected members. Trustees supervise all financial business of the council and conducts the semiannual audits. Trustees are elected for terms of three years, two years and one year. At each regular election, the position of each trustee will be voted upon, with the current three- and two-year trustees moving on to become the two- and one-year trustees, respectively. Jim Richardson served as Grand Knight of Council 8157 from 2016-2018. Jim joined the Knights in 1962 and he and wife Denise live in DeSoto.

Al Alonzo

Photographer, Graphics

Al Alonzo is an avid photographer and is responsible for the creation and upkeep of the council's Facebook page. As a member of the Awareness Committee he contributes his photographic skills and computer talents to keep our bulletin board updated with current certificates and posters. He has been a member of our council since June 2011 and serves as a member of our Degree Team.

David Dybala
David Dybala

Degree Team Member

Hands-on leadership was displayed admirably by David during the parish’s recent Fall Festival. He served as operations chairman for the event, coordinating the manpower needed to get most of the infrastructure up and running and taken down at the conclusion of a busy weekend. David is a member of the choir for the 9:30 Mass and of our council’s Degree Team, serving in the role of Grand Knight. He joined the Knights in 1980 when he and wife Clara were members of St. Mary of the Assumption Catholic Church in Waco. David served as Grand Knight for its Council 1358 and was on its Degree Team. David also serves as Co-facilitator for the ACTS Retreats Core Team and is the Director of the Men's ACTS Retreat in April 2015. The Dybalas came to our area in 1985, when he began 22 years working for the City of Dallas. They have two grown children and four grandchildren. A 1972 Texas A&M graduate, David is now mobility coordinator for A&M’s Transportation Institute dealing with the restructuring of downtown traffic.

Allen Reitmeier

Knight Hands Director

Allen started the Knight Hands service program to assist anyone in need in the Holy Spirit Parish area who is in need of minor repairs and small projects around the house. As of February 2015 Allen and his crew have completed one hundred projects since its start on May 25, 2010. Some of the jobs he and his crew have completed are: fixing roof tops, fence repair, painting walls and ceilings, bathrooms, installing lights, mowing lawns, installing and fixing doors and windows, trimming driveways, cabinetry in the Sacristy, built twelve cloth hangers, wheel chair ramp, has built two wonderful games for the Fall Festival and has even paid bills for some of the needy. Allen is also the Baseball Concessions Director, the biggest fund raising operation for our council. Allen somehow makes time to pick up meals on wheels from the Senior Center in Duncanville and delivers them to twenty two regulars, every Monday. He is a member of our Degree Team. Allen has been married to his lovely wife Linda for forty four years and has four grown children, Sarah, Paul, Leanne and Sherry who each have two children of their own.

john espree
John Espree

Degree Team Sound Technician

John Espree joined the Knights in 2012 and he’s a member of our Degree Team. He and wife Bonnie live in Duncanville.