Member Retention

The Retention Committee

Mike Fitzgerald – Grand Knight

Mike Fitzgerald, Grand knight, in consultation with the membership director, appoints a retention chairman to direct other facets of the membership program. A retention chairman and committee should be named to oversee important efforts to conserve membership. It is their task to anticipate problems and causes for membership suspensions as early as possible, and to identify solutions to those problems and work to resolve individual situations as soon as they arise.

Paul Ryan Retention Chairman

Paul Ryan is the current chairman of the retention committee. The retention chairman and committee oversees important efforts to conserve membership. The Retention Committee has developed a group of Knights that act as Mentor to incoming Knights, In addition to writing each new Knight a welcoming letter, each new Knight is personally contacted by his Mentor who then writes a short bio of the new Knight, as well as presenting them with a new Knights of Columbus t-shirt. Each Mentor is then tasked with keeping each new Knight updated about upcoming events. Currently the Mentors are: Bobby Zablan, Jorge Ruiz, Marc Evans, Allen Reitmeier and Efrain Ochoa. The Retention Committee is also tasked with selecting a Knight of the Month each month.