Member Retention

The Retention Committee

The grand knight, in consultation with the membership director, appoints a retention chairman to direct other facets of the membership program. A retention chairman and committee should be named to oversee important efforts to conserve membership. It is their task to anticipate problems and causes for membership suspensions as early as possible, and to identify solutions to those problems and work to resolve individual situations as soon as they arise. (It is suggested that the deputy grand knight be named to the position of retention chairman, and that his committee be made up of the council trustees.)

Jim Russell
Jim Russell

Grand Knight

The Grand Knight presides over all meetings and is tasked with enforcing the rules and regulations of the Council and the laws of the order, and is chairman of the Board of Trustees.  He appoints all directors and committee members.  He acts as chaplain in the absence of the regular chaplain.  He countersigns orders drawn and signed by the Financial Secretary.  Responsible for the council’s First Degree Team. He is responsible for the overall success of this council's activities. Jim joined our council in February 2012, he is in charge of Member Retention and serves as Lecturer. Jim also serves as a member of our Degree Team and he and his wife, Mary, live in Cedar Hill.

Paul Ryan


The Chancellor has the duty of strengthening the members’ interest in council activities. Assists the grand knight and deputy grand knight with their duties as assigned. Recommended to serve on the council’s Admission Committee.

Efrain Ochoa


The Warden is responsible for supervising and maintaining all council property. Sets up council chambers for meetings and degree exemplifications. Oversees inside and outside guards.