Elvis Fajardo – September 2017


Elvis Fajardo, who joined our council in September, was in the middle of a job transfer from New Orleans to Dallas during the late summer of 2005 when Hurricane Katrina struck the gulf coast. He and his family technically weren’t evacuees in making their move to north Texas, but they experienced hardships nonetheless related to damages to their New Orleans home and belongings. Elvis’ frustrating dealings with insurances and mortgage companies found him caught in the middle since being a New Orleans resident was a requirement for at least some of the compensation and he was no longer one. Elvis works in sales business development, which involves a lot of travel, and chose to stay with his company and work on the compensation from here. He and Thelma, his wife of 16 years, have been Holy Spirit parishioners since soon after the family’s arrival from Louisiana. She works in architecture. They have two daughters – Ana-Isabel, 14, and Vanessa, 10. Elvis joined 8157 at the invitation of Jim Kowalski and is looking to contribute to the parish and the local community. Elvis’ hobbies include watching his daughters’ cheer competitions and craft brewing.