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Nelson Zavala – 2022

Nelson Zavala has developed a personal relationship with his mentor – Robby Zablan. They both participate in the Legion of Mariae because they both agree on their prayer life regarding the importance of the Virgin Mary and how she is as profound as the understanding of Jesus Christ. Nelson comes from a large family and has a family of his own as well. He has 4 brothers and they are all from Honduras. Three of his brothers live there; but Nelson has lived here for 25 years. He is married to Leticia and has 2 girls and 4 boys – a large family indeed. He has a job of doing swimming pool maintenance and has been a catholic all his life. He is educated by way of 2 years of medical school and 1 year of gymnastics and was an elementary school teacher in 1991. Nelson aspires to be a saint and an electrician as well as being the best father and husband he can be to his wife and kids, Nelson is a bit apprehensive about membership and what it takes to be a member of the Knights of Columbus; so let’s all make him feel welcome when you see him.