New Member – Troy Marceleno


Troy was born and raised right here in Dallas and still leaves in Dallas with his wife Tammie.  As a matter of fact Troy attended Sunset high school in Oak Cliff.  Troy and Tammie have two daughters – Tatiana and Taryn.  Troy is the owner of M-Press and has been for the past 25 years.  M-Press is a printing company.  Troy primary hobbies are outdoors.  He own property in west Texas where he hunts deer, wild hogs, and turkeys.  When I asked him what prompted him to join the Knights of Columbus he said:  “I’ve always wanted to join and I’ve been asked many time to sign on, but I’ve been too busy to give time to the Knights of Columbus.   Now that the girls are out of college and living their own lives the time is right for me to get involved with the Knights of Columbus”. He’s already doing lots of charitable work by helping Catholic Charities with their weekly food truck in the Holy Spirit parking lot.  Of course, he help Tammie a lot as well as she serve as the Outreach Administer.  Welcome aboard Troy