A message from Grand Knight Jorge Ruiz


A message from Grand Knight Jorge Ruiz

Brother Knights,

The year 2020 will be an unforgettable year, we’re barely halfway through it and so much that has transpired has had worldwide impact. The new year got off to a rocky start as the political battle that had been brewing in Washington DC for years spilled into January. Then we heard rumblings of a killer virus outbreak in the distant city of Wuhan, China; which most of us probably ignored since the stories were not quite front-page news yet at the time. But then came the infections, the illness and even death.

Fast forward to mid-July, and I’m not sure if it feels like time has flown by, or is it standing still? A new reality appears to be taking shape. The fear of infections has prompted quarantines, lockdowns, social distancing and the wearing of masks, indoors and out; and many fear the “old normal” may not return.

Throughout this pandemic, many knights from our council sought ways to help out where we were needed most, in the community providing meals for our first responders, and helping those in need of home repairs, food or funds due to loss of work. We are deeply grateful for their efforts during this risky time. We know many more knights could not be physically present but were there in spirit, and we salute you all.

Meals for CHPD 2020 - 10 of 16

Our council enters its 39th fraternal year as I take the gavel in my new role of Grand Knight. We may be in unchartered territory running a council during a pandemic, but we’re not alone and I believe I have the technical expertise to keep us meeting, communicating and functioning as a virtual council, at the very least. We have a solid electronic communication system in place, an amazing website, a great newsletter, and when combined with timely email campaigns we can keep our membership informed and mobilize it when needed. There’s no doubt we may face other challenges as a council during the next 12 months, but I believe we have a great team in place to help us meet any challenge.

During the next few months I plan to examine how our council’s current service programs align with the supreme council’s Faith in Action program model. I would like to see us develop new programs that will also serve to attract new members.

Some of my plans include:

  • Develop and maintain a strong relationship with our priests and our parish.
  • Assist the church with pandemic reopening activities.
  • Make sure Supreme Safe Environment training is available for all knights, encourage all officers and directors to become trained.
  • Align our service programs with the Supreme Faith in Action (FIA) program model.
  • Appoint 4 main FIA directors for Faith, Family, Community and Life to oversee the development of new service programs and committees.
  • Develop new service programs specially in the areas of Faith, Family and Life.
  • Develop a plan to meet or exceed our council membership quotas.
  • Closely manage budget expenditures, as we have lost revenue this year without baseball concessions work.

Finally, with your help and support I believe we can keep our council’s participation in the community strong, our membership growing and striving for excellence, so we remain worthy of having been selected the Dallas Diocese Council of the Year 2017-18.

May God bless you and your families.

Jorge Ruiz, Grand Knight
Knights of Columbus Council 8157
(214) 215-8451